Can I go on a ferry without a car? (2023)

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Can I go on a ferry without a car?

When the ferry is ready to board, follow employee instructions and have your ticket ready to scan at the turnstiles. You will walk across a ramp to board the ferry. There is indoor and outdoor seating. You are free to move around.

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Can you get on the Galveston ferry without a car?

There really is not much to do there but several places to eat and a few gift shop type stores for souvenirs. If you just want to take the ferry for the fun off it a car is not needed. It is fun to do no matter what. Dolphins are there and the ride and view if Galveston ships is worth it anyway.

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Can you ride the Bainbridge ferry without a car?

Getting to Bainbridge Island without a car (bike or on foot)

You'll always be able to get on and you'll save a lot of money. The downside is that you'll be limited to walking, biking or taking the bus to where you want to go once you get on to the island.

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Do you have to get out of your car on a ferry?

Boarding the ferry

A mezzanine deck boards from the lower deck as normal and then gets raised so more cars can then fit underneath. Depending on which deck you are on, the crew may ask you to stay in your vehicle until it's safe to get out. When it's safe, head upstairs to the passenger lounges and get comfortable.

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What can you not bring on a ferry?

(A) Pointed edged weapons & sharp objects, pointed or bladed articles capable of causing injury including:
  • Kilt pins.
  • Axes & Hatches.
  • Arrows & Darts.
  • Crampons (grappling iron, hooked bar of iron, or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering)
  • Harpoons & Spears.
  • Ice axes & ice picks.
  • Ice skates.

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How much does it cost to ride the Galveston ferry?

The Galveston Ferry is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No fees or tickets are required to board the ferry, so it's free to use this service! However, because riding this ferry is free, it has attracted thousands of tourists nationwide during the summer months.

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How do you get around Galveston without a car?

Island Transit is a public transportation system serving Galveston Island. The transit system has been in operation for more than 40 years and has a service area that covers approximately 25 square miles.

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How early should you arrive for a ferry?


Plan your journey to the port: Passengers must check in at least 60 minutes before departure . If you are checking in with a pet, you must arrive at least 90 minutes before departure.

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How do you get around Bainbridge without a car?

However, there are plenty of way to travel on Bainbridge – take your pick from the options below!
  1. Bike Rentals & Repair. Bainbridge Island is a cyclists paradise with a plethora of trails and roadways to get from one place to the next and a friendly, share-the-road philosophy. ...
  2. Car Rentals. ...
  3. Boat Rentals.

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Is the ferry free in Seattle?

Ferry Reservations and Cost

While there is a fee from Seattle to Bainbridge Island for both walk-on passengers and automobiles, the route from Bainbridge Island to Seattle only charges for automobiles (walk-on passengers and bicycle riders are free).

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Are ferries a safe way to travel?

The simple answer is: they are generally very safe. In fact, ferries are normally considered one of the safest means to travel in Europe. In fact, the European Union (EU) has applied certain regulations concerning safety on passenger ferries (ro-ro) with which all operators operating in European ports should align.

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What happens if you break down on a ferry?

If a vehicle is broken down onboard, the responsibility ultimately is with the owner of the vehicle. The ferry crew is under no obligation to re-start vehicles that have broken down.

Can I go on a ferry without a car? (2023)
Why can't I stay in my car on the ferry?

Remaining in a vehicle on an enclosed vehicle deck while a ferry is operating is not safe for passengers. The effects of a fire, flooding or collision could be catastrophic.

Do they check bags on ferry?

Do you check in your luggage on ferries? No, there is no check-in procedure for luggage items.

Do you need ID to get on a ferry?

In general, however, most ferry crossings require a valid passport or other recognized travel documents, such as a visa or identity card, especially for non-citizens. For citizens of the European Union and the Schengen area, an ID card may suffice for travel within the region.

Can you take your own food on a ferry?

Passengers are permitted to bring their own food and drink onboard and consume it during the sailing, however alcohol may not be brought onboard any of our vessels for consumption during your crossing. Alcohol may only be consumed onboard if it has been purchased from the onboard bars and restaurants.

Does the Galveston ferry run all day?

More than 8 million passengers ride the Port Aransas and Galveston-Port Bolivar ferries annually. The two routes operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, weather permitting.

Is the ferry free in Galveston?

The Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry provides free transportation between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. One vessel is in operation 24 hours per day.

How long is the ferry ride in Galveston?

There's plenty to see on the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry. The Galveston-Bolivar ferry is the link between Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula on Hwy 87. A service provided FREE to all travelers 24 hours a day by TX-Dot since 1934. Each trip covers about 2.7 miles and takes about 18 minutes.

How much is an Uber from Hobby to Galveston cruise port?

Estimated fares for Uber and Lyft are around $50 from Houston Hobby to the cruise port each way. The estimated cost is $80 for a ride from Bush Intercontinental to the Galveston port. Keep in mind that the fare is for the car, not per person like many other shuttle services. Up to four people can ride for that price.

Does Galveston ferry ever close?

The Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry operates 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. One ferry is in service all day, every day with an additional ferry added at 6:30am.

Are there Ubers on Galveston Island?

Taxi in Galveston

Consider Uber as an alternative to taxis when traveling in Galveston. With Uber, you can trade flagging down cabs for requesting rides on demand, no matter the time of day. You can request a ride from George Bush Intercontinental Airport, visit Tiki Island, or enter another place.

Is it cheaper to book ferry in advance?

For example, booking your tickets in advance is often the best way to get a cheap ferry crossing. If you're flexible with your travel dates, try to avoid peak times such as holidays and weekends.

How strict are ferry check-in times?

Make sure you leave in plenty of time – check-in closes 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time for foot passengers and customers travelling with pets, and 60 minutes for all other categories of traffic. Need more flexibility to your booking?

Is Bainbridge Island worth seeing?

Bainbridge Island may be a ferry ride away from Seattle Southside, but I promise you it is definitely worth it to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city – there's no better place to do just that than on Bainbridge Island with its scenery, beaches, parks and trails, attractions and wineries!

Do you need reservation for Bainbridge Island ferry?

Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry with Vehicle

The Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry does not take reservations for drivers. Anyone planning on ferrying over with their vehicle should arrive at least 20 minutes before the ferry's scheduled departure time – an hour or more in advance during commonly congested times in the summer.

How long is the Bainbridge ferry ride?

The travel time of the Bainbridge Island-Seattle ferry is around: 36 minutes. Please arrive early at the harbor and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary.

Why do people take ferries in Seattle?

Thanks to Seattle's location right on the edge of Puget Sound, taking a ferry from the shores of the city to nearby towns can be a unique way to see more of the state. Just across the sound from Seattle are cities on the Kitsap Peninsula, and within the sound are several islands large and small.

Do you have to pay to walk on Bainbridge Island Ferry?

The ferry ride from Bainbridge Island to Seattle is free for pedestrians on foot, whereas the return trip from Seattle to Bainbridge Island requires paying. However, pedestrians crossing from Bainbridge to Seattle with a vehicle will have to pay both ways.

How early should you arrive for Bainbridge Ferry?

Vehicles. For most routes, you should plan to be in line at the tollbooth at least 20 minutes in advance of the sailing. If you have a vehicle reservation, you will need to arrive more than 20 minutes in advance.

How common are ferry accidents?

Although these vessels are convenient for commuters in cities such as New York, accidents involving ferries occur frequently. In the U.S. and other countries, hundreds of persons are injured or killed in incidents involving ferries every year.

Why do people use ferries?

People use ferries as part of their daily commute. For example, if you live in one part of Sydney, Australia but work across the harbor, the ferry will probably be a far quicker route to the office than traveling around the bay by road-based public transport.

Are ferries bad for seasickness?

Sea sickness, also known as motion sickness[1]Motion Sickness – Cleveland Clinic, is a common condition that affects many people when traveling on ferries or long trips on the open sea.

Has a ferry ever sunk in the US?

The MV George Prince ferry disaster was a nautical disaster that occurred in the Mississippi River in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, United States, on the morning of October 20, 1976.

How many ferry accidents are there?

Following a very poor year for known ferry fatalities in 2021, the year 2022 saw a big improvement with the known death toll almost halved from 1,378 to 699.

Is it possible for a ferry to sink?

Ferries sank by poor maintenance & why it isn't a concern:

Not maintaining a ferry can cause many safety issues to arise. Making DIY repairs, not attending to issues that concern the vessel being watertight, and not carrying out regular checks are all common causes of ships sinking.

How do you sleep on a ferry?

Eat and drink sensibly. To ensure that you sleep well on a ferry, try not to drink caffeine in the hours leading up to bedtime. Caffeinated drinks make it difficult to relax and will make you feel energised when you should be unwinding, so opt for a decaf alternative instead.

Can you sleep in a ferry seat?


A reserved lounge seat gives you a dedicated spot to relax in on board. You can get settled in by purchasing a sleep pack with blanket, pillow, eye mask and ear plugs to get some shut-eye.

Why do ferries go so slow?

The drag force is proportional to the cross-sectional area. That is why ships with fewer drafts can go faster. Additionally, there are numerous reasons that cause ships to slow down such as water and air resistance, emissions, weather conditions, fuel efficiency and canal passes.

What are three things ferry can carry?

Ferry carries people who want to go from one bank to another bank of a river. It can also carry pets, vehicles and heavy luggage.

Can you bring anything on a ferry?

You can pack as much as you like when you travel by ferry, you can even bring your bike, your skis, and your dog! Pass the time unwinding in a comfortable chair with a drink or something delicious to eat as you watch the sea roll by.

What should I bring on a ferry?

Make a list!
Soap or body washClothes
EarplugsWater (or money for water)
Eye maskFood (or money for food)
Entertainment - Books, iPad, Laptop, Music, or PodcastsPrinted tickets + information on onward journey for easy border crossing
4 more rows
Sep 25, 2021

Can you drink your own alcohol on a ferry?

Alcohol cannot be brought onboard for consumption. A great selection of alcoholic drinks can be purchased in our outlets onboard. You can, of course, travel with alcholic beverages in your luggage or vehicle.

Can a 17 year old go on a ferry alone?

Minors aged 16 or 17 may travel unaccompanied on the basis that their parent or guardian provide their written consent for the minor to travel at the time of booking.

Can a 15 year old go on a ferry alone?

No child under the age of 16 can travel without an adult. Those over the age of sixteen who are travelling with an adult over the age of 18 (a sibling, for example), will need to follow these safety tips: Have letters of consent, their passport and wallet safely stowed on their person.

What can I not bring on a ferry?

(A) Pointed edged weapons & sharp objects, pointed or bladed articles capable of causing injury including:
  • Kilt pins.
  • Axes & Hatches.
  • Arrows & Darts.
  • Crampons (grappling iron, hooked bar of iron, or plate with iron spikes used in mountaineering)
  • Harpoons & Spears.
  • Ice axes & ice picks.
  • Ice skates.

Is there a toilet on the ferry?

All ferries have toilet facilities including at least one wheelchair accessible toilet.

Is it cold on ferries?

On a ferry ride in cold weather, you will need more layers than in similar weather condition on the mainland. While on the water, temperatures tend to drop lower due to higher humidity, conduction and ocean currents. This particularly applies if you intend to spend any time on the outside deck.

Can you walk onto the ferry in Galveston?

Up to 6 ferries may be in operation during peak seasons, holidays, events and as traffic calls for more frequent service. Many travelers ride the ferry while visiting Bolivar Peninsula or Galveston by walking on. Click here it experience a ride across and enjoy the view.

Can you walk on the ferry in Galveston?

Walk On To Ferry

Walking onto the ferry is the fastest way to ride the ferry. If you drive, you have to wait in line twice to board the ferry in both directions. Walking eliminates these waits.

Is the Galveston trolley free?

The trolley is $1 for adults, while minors who are accompanied by adults can ride for free. Riders will need to bring exact change to place in the fare box; drivers do not have the ability to make change for riders. A transfer between the Downtown and the Seawall Loop is included in the price.

How long does it take to get across the Galveston ferry?

The typical travel time from the Seawall to Bolivar and from Bolivar to the Seawall is 45 minutes during times of low ferry demand. Travel times can be much greater during times of high ferry demand such as weekends and holidays.

Can you get to Crystal Beach without taking the ferry?

ALTERNATE ROUTE FROM HOUSTON (to avoid the Ferry): Take I-10 east to Winnie (exit# 828), then head south on Highway 124 until you come to the beach road, Highway 87. Turn right, go about 17 miles to Crystal Beach.

Why do you have to turn your car off on the ferry?

"Turning your engine off on the ferry is a federal requirement from the US Coast Guard,” she said. “Technically passengers can be cited, but in most cases, crew members will walk the car lines during their security patrols and ask passengers to turn off their engines if they are on.

Is the Galveston ferry 24 7?

More than eight million passengers ride the Port Aransas and Galveston-Port Bolivar ferries annually. The two routes operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, weather permitting.

How many ferries are running in Galveston?

Ferry Information

The state operates two vessels daily.

Can you walk in Galveston?

These are the best places for budget-friendly historic walking areas in Galveston: The Seawall. The Strand. Broadway.

What is the best way to get around Galveston?

The best way to get around Galveston is by car, as it offers the most freedom to reach places of interest on your own time. Galveston's Island Transit bus system is another option for getting around, but visitors will have to supplement their night travel with taxis since the bus halts service in the early evening.

How much is PayByPhone Galveston?

Fee: $2 an hour with a two-hour minimum, not to exceed $16 / day, yearly passes available* Operation: 10 AM – 6 PM, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Payment Options: PayByPhone or call 866-234-7275 or call 409-797-5198.

How often does the Bolivar ferry run?

1 ferry operates operates 24 hours a day and additional ferries are in service based on demand, with departures leaving Galveston and Bolivar in intervals of 1 hour. These nightly Galveston departures are scheduled on the hour between 12am and 6 am and Bolivar 30 minutes passed the hour i.e. 12.30am, 1.30am etc.

Where does the ferry go in Galveston Texas?

The Galveston-Port Bolivar ferry takes travelers on SH 87 between Galveston Island and the Bolivar Peninsula. The service is free. One vessel is in operation 24 hours per day.

What time does the Galveston ferry start?

The ferry operates 24/7. From 6 AM to 12 midnight there are at least two ferries departing every 30 minutes. Some times up to five ferries depending upon traffic.

Is there a ferry from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula?

Since 1934, this ferry service for all travelers runs continuously, night and day, between Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula by TX-Dot. It is a great way to watch dolphins, seagulls, and view the surrounding sites. Each trip covers about 2.7 miles (4.3 KM) and takes about 18 minutes.

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