Can you white out on an I-9 form? (2024)

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What if you make a mistake on I-9 form?

To correct multiple, recording errors on the form, you may redo the section on a new Form I-9 and attach it to the old form. A new Form I-9 can also be completed if major errors (such as entire sections being left blank or Section 2 being completed based on unacceptable documents) need to be corrected.

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How do I correct a mistake on a form?

Follow these standard steps for correcting mistakes in important documents:
  1. Line through the incorrect information (make sure the information can still be read).
  2. Make the change.
  3. Date and initial the change.
Oct 14, 2019

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What is the fine for an incorrect I-9?

For 1-9 paperwork violations in 2022, the penalties range from $252 to $2,507 for the first offense for substantive violations or uncorrected technical errors. The range is $1,161 to $2,322 for second and subsequent paperwork offenses.

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Can you highlight on an I-9?

Highlighting marks, hole punches and staples do not interfere with an authorized official's ability to read the information on the form. Copies of the documentation retained with Form I-9 are legible, if copies of documentation are made.

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What triggers an I-9 audit?

An I-9 audit can be triggered for a number of reasons, including random samples and reporting by disgruntled employees (or ex-employees). Certain business sectors, for example food production, are especially susceptible to I-9 audits, and "silent raids" by ICE.

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Can I reverify I-9?

Employers are required to reverify an employee's documentation only when the employee's employment authorization document (EAD) or receipt has expired. Reverification should occur no later than the actual expiration date of the work authorization.

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Can you use white out on a job application?

Hard copy application forms must be completed legibly and without errors. If you make an error, do not leave scratch outs or white-outs on a job application. It will be well worth your time to start over with a new application.

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Can you use white out on official documents?

Using White-Out

The use of white-out and other products designed to “cover up” text is often viewed as tampering; therefore, the receiving agent may reject any notarized documents containing it. If a notary public makes a mistake (it's bound to happen at some point), he or she should use a blank document in its place.

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How do I change my I-9 form?

Recording Changes of Name and Other Identity Information for Current Employees
  1. Complete a new Form I-9.
  2. Write the original hire date in “The employee's first day of employment (MM/DD/YYYY)” space in Section 2; and.
  3. Attach the new Form I-9 to the previously completed Form I-9.
Jul 10, 2020

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Are employers required to verify I-9?

The Immigration Reform and Control Act, enacted on November 6, 1986, requires employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of their employees and sets forth criminal and civil sanctions for employment-related violations.

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What happens if I-9 is not completed in 3 days?

Employees who cannot produce documentation to complete the Form I-9 within three days of hire must not work or be paid. If documentation is not produced by the end of the third day, employees must not be permitted to work.

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Is I-9 required by law?

Federal law requires that every employer* who recruits, refers for a fee, or hires an individual for employment in the U.S. must complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Form I-9 will help you verify your employee's identity and employment authorization.

Can you white out on an I-9 form? (2024)
Does an I-9 have to be in black ink?

All federal forms must be in blue or black ink so all corrections must be in blue or black ink. The I-9 Form must have the lists of accepted documents on the back or it cannot be used, and will be returned by the Office of Client Services.

How do I fix my 9 mistakes online?

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the best way to correct the Form I-9 is to line through the portions of the form that contain incorrect information, enter the correct information and initial and date your correction. The use of correction fluid (White Out) is not recommended.

Do I-9 documents have to be originals?

Employees must present original documents. The only exception is that an employee may present a certified copy of a birth certificate.

How common are I-9 audits?

Nearly 6,000 employers were I-9 audited in 2018, and some expect that number to shake out closer to 10,000 when the figures come in on 2020. $14 Million in fines were issued in 2019 for Form I-9 violations.

How long does an employer have to verify I-9?

Employers must complete and sign Section 2 of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, within 3 business days of the date of hire of their employee (the hire date means the first day of work for pay).

What counts as I-9 verification?

Driver's license or identification card issued by a state or outlying territory of the U.S., provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address.

How do I correct I-9 in workday?

  1. In the Search field, enter the name of the Team Member and click their name.
  2. Click Actions under the Team Member's name.
  3. In the Actions menu, hover over Personal Data and select View Form I-9.
  4. Click on the Amend Form button.
  5. Select the option indicating the section you wish to change.
  6. Click Submit.

How do employers verify I-9?

The employer must physically examine the documentation establishing identity and employment authorization that the employee presents. Originals (not copies) must be examined. The one exception is the birth certificate, which can be a certified copy.

How do I correct my I-9 section 2?

Correcting Section 2 and Section 3

If you discover an error or missing information, you should: Draw a line through incorrect information; Enter the correct or missing information; and. Initial and date the correction or missing information.

What happens if you make a mistake on an application form?

If you discover a major factual error after you apply, it's best to resubmit your application. Employers will keep your resume on file even if you are not hired, and they often go back through their records to find candidates for open roles.

What are 2 things you should not do on a job application?

The job search can be stressful, but avoiding these three pitfalls will help you stand out from the other applicants:
  • Skipping over the application. If an organization requests that you complete an application, make sure you take the time to complete it. ...
  • Hounding the organization. ...
  • Making a bad impression.

What can white out be used for?

White out is a practial tool for creating effects such as the twinkle of stars or the reflection in a pupil. In pen and ink compositions, white out correction fluid can be a useful toning agent that can easily cover mistakes, define sharp edges and reclaim white space lost to ink smudging or heavy brush lines.

Can we use white ink for correction on documents?

Hi, Yes, the whitener can be used to correct the Bonafide typing errors or even erasing a line or word provided parties to the documents sign in the margin nearest to such correction. and if possible also take signature of notary.

Can you redact with white-out?

The 'Whiteout/Redact Box' tool lets you frame a box over any area of your document you want to cover or erase with whiteout.

Is white-out the same as liquid paper?

Synonyms by region. "Liquid paper" and "white-out" are used as general terms in the United States, Canada, Australia, and some countries in the former USSR.

What are the areas most missed in an I-9 document?

10 Common I-9 Errors
  • Employee personal information is not complete. Employee's must provide their full legal name. ...
  • Citizenship status not identified. Employees must identify their citizenship status by checking one -- and only one -- of the boxes. ...
  • Employee signature is missing. ...
  • Preparer/translator use not identified.
May 6, 2019

Does an I-9 have to be completed in person?

Accordingly, as of April 1, 2021, the requirement that employers inspect employees' Form I-9 identity and employment eligibility documentation in-person applies only to those employees who physically report to work at a company location on any regular, consistent, or predictable basis.

Can an employer copy I-9 documents?

But haphazardly copying documents could land companies in hot water. Employers are not required to create or attach photocopies of documentation submitted to satisfy Form I-9 requirements during the employment eligibility verification process, but the practice is permissible.

How long does an I-9 last?

Only when an employee stops working for you should you calculate how much longer you must keep their Form I-9. Federal regulations state you must retain a Form I-9 for each person you hire for three years after the date of hire, or one year after the date employment ends, whichever is later.

How does an I-9 verify a remote employee?

As with the prior rule, you should document, in a memorandum, the specific reason(s) why in-person inspection of an employee's documents is not possible. You can use the “Additional Information” section on the Form I-9 for this purpose, or can attach a separate memorandum to the Form I-9.

What happens if I don't do an E-Verify within 3 days?

Yes, if you did not create a case in E-Verify within three business days after the employee's first day of employment, you must create a case as soon as possible. E-Verify will prompt you to enter the reason for the delay.

When can you destroy an I-9?

You can destroy a former employee's I-9 records one year from the date of termination or three years from the date of hire, whichever is later. Current employee's I-9 records must be maintained for their entire period of employment.

Do weekends count as business days for I-9?

Employers that operate Monday through Friday are not required to count weekends, but employers that regularly operate on weekends and holidays must include all days in counting to three.

What happens if you miss your first day of work?

Here are a few ways someone can impact the workplace if they don't come to work or call out on their first day: Delaying onboarding: When someone no call, no shows for their first day of work, they delay the onboarding process, so the HR team often has to rearrange their schedule or redo hiring paperwork.

When did I-9 become mandatory?

All employers must use Form I-9 for all employees hired on or after Nov. 6, 1986, who are working in the U.S. This act also established prohibitions against national origin and citizenship or immigration status discrimination with respect to hiring, firing and recruitment or referral for a fee.

Can you verify I-9 documents for remote employees?

On October 11, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a nine-month extension until July 31, 2023, of the policy allowing remote, virtual verification of the documentation required for a Form I-9 when a workforce is working remotely.

How many documents do you need for I-9?

You must present an unexpired Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766) or a combination of a List B document and an unrestricted Social Security Card within 90 days from the date of hire or, in the case of reverification, within 90 days from the date your original employment authorization expires.

Can I fill out an I-9 in pencil?

It should be noted in the “additional information box” that the original was certified when the employee was hired in his/her previous position. An old version of the I-9 form is used (prior to 10/31/22). The I-9 form is filled out using pencil or ink other than blue or black.

Can you fill out an I-9 in pencil?

Employers must print out the filled in document because both the employee and employer must physically sign it. When filling out the I-9 on a paper copy, use blue or black ink. Never use a pencil for the I-9 form. Stick to one pen if at all possible.

Can I just bring a passport to an I-9?

Documents which establish both identity and eligibility (no additional document needed): U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card. Permanent resident card or alien registration receipt card (a "green card") (Form I-551)

What is the penalty for incorrect I-9?

For 1-9 paperwork violations in 2022, the penalties range from $252 to $2,507 for the first offense for substantive violations or uncorrected technical errors. The range is $1,161 to $2,322 for second and subsequent paperwork offenses.

Why would an I-9 be denied?

Employers do not enter the approved documentation on the I-9 form. Employers fail to sign the Certification. Employers fail to enter the specific document number, expiration date, issuer, or title on the I-9 form. Employers do not enter the initial date of employment.

How do I correct a mistake in e verify?

You can correct information before submitting the case by selecting the Edit Case Details button. If you need more time to verify the information is correct, you may click Save & Exit to exit the case. You can locate the case later under View/Search Cases.

Can I-9 documents be scanned?

Employers may choose to scan and upload original, signed I-9 forms to store them electronically. E-Verify allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees. Employers should regularly audit their I-9 forms and make corrections as needed.

What are original I-9 documents?

  • Documents that Establish.
  • Employment Eligibility.
  • U.S. Passport (unexpired or expired)
  • Driver's license or ID card issued by.
  • U.S. Social card issued by the.
  • Permanent Resident Card or Alien.
  • ID card issued by federal, state or.
  • Certification of Birth Abroad.

How long can you reverify an I-9?

If you rehire your employee within 3 years of the date that a previous Form I-9 was completed, you may either complete a new Form I-9 for your employee or complete Section 3 of the previously completed Form I-9.

Do names have to match on I-9 documents?

You may accept a document with a different name than the name entered in Section 1 as long as the document reasonably relates to the employee. You also may attach a brief memo to the employee's Form I-9 stating the reason for the name discrepancy, along with any supporting documentation she provides.

Do employers report I-9 to USCIS?

All U.S. employers must properly complete Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens. Both employees and employers (or authorized representatives of the employer) must complete the form.

How long does it take to verify I-9 documents?

How long does the E-Verify process take? For most employees, the process will take less than one business day to complete, once the I-9 form has been sent to

How do remote companies verify I-9?

Remote hires must complete Section 1 of the form, and the employer's agent or representative must complete Section 2 completely, including a tactile inspection of the employee's documents. This eliminates the need to photocopy documents and send them to human resources for section 2 completion.

Can you verify I-9 online?

E-Verify is a web-based system that allows employers and other participants to confirm the eligibility of their newly hired employees to work in the U.S. by electronically matching information on the employee's Form I-9 against records available to the Social Security Administration and DHS.

Can someone else fill out my I-9?

Employers may designate an authorized representative to fill out Forms I-9 on behalf of their company, including personnel officers, foremen, agents or notary public.

Can you complete an I-9 without a SSN?

An SSN is not required to complete the Form I-9 employment authorization verification UNLESS the employer participates in E-Verify, however E-Verify rules specifically prohibit employers from delaying an employee's start date until a Social Security Number is received.

Can my wife verify I-9?

The federal government doesn't care if the form is completed by a spouse or other family member; just that it be completed correctly and legally. Further, a person's title or lack of connection to your employee does not guarantee an error-free Form I-9.

Are I-9 documents confidential?

Where should we keep the completed forms? Do not send I-9s to the U.S. government. They should be held by the municipality and maintained in a file that is securely locked and confidential in a location that is separate from employees' individual personnel files.

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