How do I know if I broke my finger or just jammed it? (2024)

How do I know if I broke my finger or just jammed it?

A person may hear a cracking or popping noise with finger movement if they have a broken finger. A doctor will also ask the person to try to move their finger. A jammed finger will usually have some range of motion, but if a person has a broken finger, they will hardly be able to move it.

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Can you wiggle your finger if it's broken?

You may still be able to move your finger even though it's broken. But moving it will usually cause pain. Sometimes the pain will be dull and not too much for you to bear. You should still see a provider even if you can tolerate the pain.

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How to tell the difference between a fracture and a jammed finger?

If your finger is numb, that means the nerves in your finger are being compressed. This may be due to swelling along with a severe fracture. Exposed Bone. If you can see your finger bone through your skin, the bone is definitely broken.

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What is a jammed finger look like?

A jammed finger looks like: A joint on your finger that's swollen or bigger than it was a day or two ago. You usually have three joints in each of your fingers and two in your thumb.

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How do you check for a broken finger at home?

Typical symptoms of a broken finger include swelling, stiffness, and bruising. Within several minutes of the injury, your finger may experience swelling. Bruising and the inability to move or bend the finger often follow this swelling. Numbness is also a common symptom of a break.

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What does a fractured finger tip look like?

If you have a fingertip fracture, which is called a distal phalanx fracture can happen from and smashing injuries involving the fingernail. These symptoms include a bruising or swelling of the finger pad. Usually, there will also be purple-colored blood under the fingernail known as subungual hematoma.

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How much force can a finger take before it breaks?

It takes approximately 20 to 30 times more force to break a finger bone than it does to cause pain in the finger. In other words, it would take between 100 and 150 kilograms of force to break a finger bone.

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Can you bend a jammed finger?

Often you can diagnose and treat a jammed finger yourself. If you're in a lot of pain or you can't bend and straighten your finger, see your doctor or go to an emergency room for treatment. These symptoms could indicate a fractured bone or ruptured tendon.

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What does a minor finger fracture feel like?

Frequently, you have immediate pain after trauma and sometimes a deformed finger either at a joint (commonly a dislocation) or through the bone as a fracture. If there is no deformity, a person will typically feel a sharp pain at the injury site. You may not always be sure the finger is broken and try to bend it.

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Should you be able to move a jammed finger?

After the swelling goes down and the pain diminishes, try to move the finger very slightly. If the injury is mild, you will be able to move it with little discomfort after a short time. If your finger has a break in the skin, feels cold or numb, or looks pale, seek medical attention right away.

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When should I go to the doctor for a finger injury?

Contact your provider if: Your finger pain is caused by severe injury. Your finger is deformed. The problem continues after 1 week of home treatment.

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Is anything done for a broken finger?

Your doctor will likely put your broken bone back into place; often, this can be done without surgery. You may get a splint or cast to hold your finger straight and protect it from further injury while it heals. Sometimes your doctor may splint the fingers next to the fractured one to provide additional support.

How do I know if I broke my finger or just jammed it? (2024)
Does a fractured finger need medical attention?

However, if you think you may have broken your finger, it is essential to be seen by a medical professional. If you are experiencing numbness, swelling, or difficulty moving your fingers after a fall or blow to your hand, it is especially vital to contact your doctor or head to urgent care as soon as possible.

What is the most common finger fracture?

The most common fracture of the hand is of the tip of the finger called the distal phalanx. It is one of the most common finger injuries. These injuries often occur as a result of a crush injury where the finger is caught between two objects.

When is it too late to fix a broken finger?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a few days usually won't make a big difference with a broken finger. But if you wait too long, it can impact healing and possibly lead to decreased range of motion or reduced grip strength. If you have any of the warning signs, it makes sense to see a doctor as soon as possible.

How long does a broken finger need to be splinted?

You have sustained a fracture to your finger

This normally takes up to six weeks to heal. You will need to wear the splint provided full time for the first three weeks to allow the bone to heal. You will then need to wear it for a further week at night.

What happens if you hit your finger too hard?

Your finger will swell and become bruised, and you may experience severe pain or loss of feeling, among other symptoms. It usually heals easily with some rest and icing to the area. If you've ever caught your finger in a door or hit it with a hammer, you've probably experienced common symptoms of a smashed finger.

How long should a jammed finger hurt?

A jammed finger is a common injury that's usually not serious. Icing, resting, and taping a jammed finger is often enough to allow it to heal in a week or two. However, if you can't move the finger or it hurts too much to move it, you'll need an X-ray to make sure it's not broken or dislocated.

What are red flags for finger injury?

Heat, redness or bruising. Swelling. Stiffness and loss of function.

What happens if I break my finger and don't go to the doctor?

When left untreated, broken and dislocated fingers can cause serious problems in the long term, including permanent loss of movement and sensation. Call on the specialists at OAA to help you reach an accurate diagnosis and begin treating your injury as soon as possible.

How do I know if my finger pain is serious?

See a GP if:
  1. pain in your finger is stopping you doing normal activities.
  2. the pain is getting worse or keeps coming back.
  3. the pain has not improved after treating it at home for 2 weeks.
  4. you've noticed a tingling in your hand or your hand is starting to feel numb.

What does a sprained finger feel like?

Sprained Finger Symptoms

Pain in one of your finger joints when you try to move or use it. Stiffness in your finger or having a hard time straightening or bending it. Tenderness in your joint when you touch the area. Swelling in one of your finger joints.

How do you fix a finger that hurts to bend but not swollen?

While those with tendinitis often experience swelling, it is possible to stretch your tendon with little to no swelling. Rest, ice and compression can help treat a finger strain. Gentle strengthening exercises can especially help restore your weakened muscles and encourage healing in your finger.

What can you do for a jammed finger?

Home Treatment for a Jammed Finger
  1. Temporarily immobilize the finger. ...
  2. Take a break from sports or activities that may reinjure or further injure the finger.
  3. Use ice therapy to decrease inflammation and dull pain by applying a cold pack to the affected joint for 5 to 10 minutes every few hours.

How do doctors treat a jammed finger?

Doctors commonly treat a jammed finger with a splint, which is a brace that keeps the finger straight and stable while the damaged ligaments heal. Another option is known as buddy taping or wrapping, where the injured finger is taped securely to a non-injured finger for support.

How does a jammed finger go away?

A jammed finger may be treated without or with surgery, depending on how severe the injury is. Some injuries can be treated with a splint and/or buddy strapping to the neighboring normal finger (Figure 2). These treatments are often performed along with the care of a hand therapist.

What happens if a jammed finger is left untreated?

If a jammed finger is left untreated, it can cause a permanent deformity of the joint. It could also cause damage to veins and capillaries and permanent stiffness of your finger.

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