Is Colorado still snowy in April? (2024)

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How often does it snow in April in Colorado?

April ranks as the 5th snowiest month and accounts for approximately 13% of the annual snowfall of 53.8 inches, according to the NWS. Denver sees about 8-10 inches on average during the month.

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What is Colorado's weather like in April?

Denver's average high temperature in April is 61 degrees, and the average low is above freezing at 33 degrees.

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Is it cold in Colorado in April?

Daily high temperatures increase by 7°F, from 60°F to 67°F, rarely falling below 43°F or exceeding 80°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 7°F, from 35°F to 42°F, rarely falling below 25°F or exceeding 51°F.

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Will there be snow in Colorado in April 2022?

So with no more snow expected, April 2022 is tied for 4th place of the least snowiest years ever on record. We have to go back 20 years to find the last time Denver only saw a trace of snow in April. It's also been 30 years since Denver had an April with no snowfall.

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Should I go to Colorado in April?

This month is a good time to explore the biggest cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, as well as the state's high country. April features special terrific annual events like the Taste of Vail and special music festivals throughout the state.

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Can you still ski in Colorado in April?

If you want to ski in April, definitely go early in the month. You can also find discounts at this time. Occasionally, the snow gods smile on Colorado, and good ski conditions continue on until May. At some of the highest-elevation resorts, snowing can continue even into May and June.

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Is April a good time to go to Denver?

The best times to visit Denver are April through May and September through October. The city's shoulder seasons are characterized by comfortable temperatures, fewer tourists and lower accommodation prices than the summer high season.

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What should I wear in Colorado in April?

As we say here, April showers bring May snowstorms.
  • Long pants.
  • T-shirts.
  • Jacket.
  • Wet weather gear, like rain coats and boots.
  • Gloves.
  • Hats.
  • Coat. Yes, both a coat and jacket because it can change from morning to afternoon or day to day.

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What month is the best to go to Colorado?

In general, the best time to visit Colorado is June through October, when visitors can enjoy Colorado's scenery with hiking trails, water sports, and drives through high-elevation mountain passes. Although lower elevations can get hot in summer, you can always escape to the mountains to cool off on sweltering days.

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What months does it not snow in Colorado?

The first snowfall of winter for Denver often arrives in October, but the snow can begin as early as September or as late as November. The season's last snowfall lands in April or in May. Denver is normally free of snow every year during June, July and August.

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Is it normal for it to be snowing in April?

In many areas, it might be later than you think

Spring might start in March, but don't let your calendar fool you. Many parts of the United States can still see snow well into April and May. In fact, there are some cities in the Rockies and the adjacent High Plains that even call April their snowiest month.

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Can we see snow in April?

Since summers hit this area a bit late, in May, you can occasionally find snow in April, while the rest of the country is already playing host to summers. It's also a great place for trekking and river rafting. Thajiwas Glacier is a must visit place if you are going to Sonamarg in the summer season.

Is Colorado still snowy in April? (2024)
Where does it snow in April?

May plan for Kashmir, April is the best time to visit the valley. There will be snow, blooming gardens, Tulip Garden will be open also. Option 2 is Manali in April. Fresh snowfall is expected at Snow point/ Gulaba.

What is the cheapest month to go to Colorado?

Cheapest Time to Visit Colorado

If you're sticking to a strict budget, you should go during the “shoulder seasons” between peak tourism seasons. The cheapest time to visit Colorado is usually late spring (April to May) and early fall (September to October).

Is April too late for skiing?

Beautiful sunny days and longer lift opening times are other advantages of skiing in April. And while April snow quality may not be quite as good as mid-winter, big snowfalls in April are actually very common.

Is it worth skiing in April?

March and April is a fantastic time of year to go skiing. The weather is generally better, the sun is stronger, the air is warmer and at higher altitude you have a whole season worth of snow as a base to ski on. The days are longer too, so you have more time to ski and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Where is the best skiing in Colorado in April?

With 2,908 acres of skiing and snowboarding terrain spanning five peaks, it's no wonder Breckenridge Ski Resort is a top skiing destination. And with its base sitting at 10,000ft combined with Colorado's 300+ days of sunshine, it's also one of the best spots for spring skiing too.

How do people dress in Denver in April?

Denver dress is casual. You shouldn't need a "winter coat" but you should dress in layers. A waterproof jacket is a good idea, wear a sweater or fleece underneath and a base layer under that if it's chilly.

Does it rain a lot in Colorado in April?

Precipitation. Half the time, Denver receives 0.9 to 2.3 inches (22 to 59 mm) of precipitation in April. One in four years has drier weather, while another one in four is wetter.

Is April windy in Colorado?

April is typically our windiest month of the year, but this April has been a bit much. We usually average about three high wind warnings during this month. High wind warnings are pretty common in Colorado during the winter and spring months as winter storms are typically windy storms.

What is Colorado's snowiest month?

The snowiest month in Colorado depends on location, as every town varies. However, March typically gets the most snow, with CBS local reporting an average of 11.3 inches in Denver. April ranks second with Denver reporting around 8.8 inches.

What is the number 1 attraction in Colorado?

1. Hike Rocky Mountain National Park. No trip to the Centennial State is complete with a trip to the iconic Rocky Mountain National Park, which ranks among the top tourist destinations in the...

Does it snow in May in Colorado?

The tables below give monthly averages for snowfall during May at cities, towns and parks in Colorado.
Front Range & Eastern Colorado.
12 more columns

What is the best time to go to Colorado to see snow?

However, early and late season conditions can be very unpredictable in terms of snow totals and quality. The average snowiest months in most parts of Colorado are February and March, while January is typically the coldest month based on historic averages.

Where does it snow all year round in Colorado?

Crested Butte, CO

Crested Butte fits the bill. The average year sees about 200 inches of snowfall; that's more than 16 feet of snow. At nearly 9,000 feet in elevation, the Colorado ski resort town is a favorite of people looking to escape the heat and hit the slopes.

Is April the good time to visit snowy mountains?

As a touch point, the average temperature for April at Snowy Mountains Airport is around 18°C. April is typically a sunny month, so, with some luck, you can expect clear days and crisp nights when you visit the Snowy Mountains this Easter. Perfect for doing activities during the day and relaxing at night!

What state has the most snow in April?

Here are a few locations where April is the snowiest month (average April snowfall is noted): Breckenridge, Colorado: 26.5 inches. Casper, Wyoming: 11.6 inches.
At a Glance.
Marquette, Michigan
Average Post-March 1 Season Snow (inches)50.9
Percent of Seasonal Snow Post-March 125%
Days With Measurable Snow Post-March 121
8 more columns
11 Mar 2019

Where does it snow in April in America?

For most of the contiguous United States, April snowfall may be quite rare, but April is actually the snowiest month of the year for some isolated locations in the Rocky Mountains and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Where is the best snow in April?

  • #9 Loveland. ...
  • #8 Whistler Blackcomb. ...
  • #7 Snowbird. Average April/May Snowfall: 74 inches. ...
  • #6 Timberline / Mt. Hood Meadows. ...
  • #4 Alpine Meadows. Average April/May Snowfall: 46 inches. ...
  • #3 Arapahoe Basin. Average April/May Snowfall: 66 inches. ...
  • #2 Mammoth Mountain. Average April/May Snowfall: 68 inches. ...
  • #1 Mt. Bachelor.
10 Feb 2022

Where is the best snow for skiing in April?

Whistler, Canada

The Canadian ski resort in British Columbia has some of the best snowfall in the world and is great for April skiing. Even late in the season, it has low temperatures plus a high altitude of 670m-2,284m making it very snow-sure. All levels of skiers will enjoy the 200km of slopes on offer.

What winter comes in April?

A Dogwood Winter usually falls during late April or early May, right around the time the dogwood trees start blooming in many regions.

What state has best April weather?

Warm Places to Visit in April in the USA in 2022
  • Los Angeles, California.
  • Miami, Florida.
  • San Diego, California.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Houston, Texas.
  • Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana.
10 Jan 2022

Who has the best weather in April?

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in April are:
  • Cancun (36.7 °C)
  • Orlando (28.3 °C)
  • Cairo (28.1 °C)
  • Marrakesh (25.4 °C)
  • Las Vegas (25.2 °C)
  • Lanzarote (23.7 °C)
  • Costa del Sol (21.8 °C)
  • Bodrum (21.4 °C)

Which is the coldest place in April?

Top 15 Coldest Places in India to Visit in Summers
  • Dras – Kargil.
  • North Sikkim.
  • Kargil – Jammu Kashmir.
  • Spiti Valley – Himachal Pradesh.
  • Sela Pass – Tawang.
  • Munsiyari – Uttarakhand.
  • Hemkund – Uttarakhand.
  • Leh – Ladakh.
23 Aug 2022

How common is snow in April?

Snowfall is observed in April at least 60 percent of the time from the Rockies to parts of the northern and central Plains, northern portions of the upper Midwest, parts of the Great Lakes, northern Pennsylvania, upstate New York and northern New England, Brettschneider's map shows.

How often does it snow in Denver in April?


What months are snowy in Colorado?

It has snowed each month of the year in Colorado, but the snow is mainly during the months of late October - late April. Snow is usually heavier and wetter (more moisture) in the spring time than winter.

Can blizzards happen in April?

The April 2019 North American blizzard was a historic blizzard that occurred in the month of April in the Great Plains and the Midwest.
April 2019 North American blizzard.
Category 3 "Major" (RSI/NOAA: 8.507)
Water vapor satellite image of the storm April 10.
DissipatedApril 14, 2019
20 more rows

What is the last snow of the season called?

"Onion snow" is a colloquialism in the state of Pennsylvania and refers to the final snowfall before the end of the spring season.

What year was the April blizzard?

It took many people by surprise! The April Fools Blizzard was the most significant winter storm of the 1996-1997 season.

Is Denver a good place to visit in April?

The best time to visit Denver is generally from April through May and September through October. Moderate weather and affordable hotel rates can be expected during these shoulder seasons. With lesser crowds than the summer months, these months are also ideal times for sightseeing in Denver.

What is the most snowiest month in Colorado?

The snowiest month in Colorado depends on location, as every town varies. However, March typically gets the most snow, with CBS local reporting an average of 11.3 inches in Denver. April ranks second with Denver reporting around 8.8 inches.

Which month is best for Colorado?

In general, the best time to visit Colorado is June through October, when visitors can enjoy Colorado's scenery with hiking trails, water sports, and drives through high-elevation mountain passes. Although lower elevations can get hot in summer, you can always escape to the mountains to cool off on sweltering days.

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