Is Michael Jordan called the goat? (2024)

Is Michael Jordan called the goat?

The ongoing debate regarding the NBA's Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is still going on and, while most analysts agree that Michael Jordan holds that title, the debate is reignited whenever a significant figure's opinion surfaces.

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Is Michael Jordan considered the goat?

In that poll, 58.3% of the players voted for Jordan as the Greatest of All-Time (GOAT). While LeBron James was right behind him with 33%, the Chicago Bulls icon still reigns supreme in terms of all-time greatness.

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What does goat mean for MJ?

The debate over who is the greatest of all time (GOAT) in basketball has been raging for decades. Some fans swear by Michael Jordan (MJ), the six-time NBA champion and five-time MVP who dominated the league in the 1980s and 1990s.

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What percentage of people say Michael Jordan is the goat?

The results had Jordan as the GOAT for 73 percent of those polled.

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Why is NBA player called the goat?

The most popular belief is that he was called The Goat as the acronym for Greatest of All Time. Although it is unclear how the name was dubbed, Greatest of All Time is the idea that lasted.

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Who is better LeBron or MJ?

Jordan was the flashier scorer – 10 scoring titles and the highest career scoring average in NBA history – and the better defender (leading the league in steals three times), while James has been the better playmaker with 106 career regular-season triple-doubles to Jordan's 28.

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Did LeBron call himself the GOAT?

He puts 'end' to the GOAT debate himself

According to SportsCenter, via The Orange County Register, James crowned himself the GOAT by saying that he is the greatest to ever step on a basketball court.

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Why is LeBron better than MJ?

Jordan played only 15 seasons, after retiring twice and taking five years away from the sport in between. That sees James get the odds on most statistics all-time wise, as many argue his longevity alone is a reason why he's greater than Jordan.

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Who is considered a GOAT?

Greatest of All Time is a term used to describe something or someone who is considered the best in a certain category and frequently used in popular lists of superlatives. It is typically abbreviated as G.O.A.T. or GOAT.

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Was Kobe better than LeBron?

Kobe had much better footwork, a much deeper bag (probably the deepest bag in history), much more skilled as a jumpshooter from mid range and 3 (while LeBron somewhat struggled with his shooting from both of those areas for the first half of his career, he did get better in Miami.


Who has more blocks LeBron or Jordan?

James has an edge in blocks (1,073 to 893), Jordan has more steals (2,514 to 2,186), and both have a number of All-Defensive Team honors. But while Jordan won NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 1988, James has never been voted the game's best defender.

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Who is the NBA logo?

History of the Jerry West NBA Logo

Siegel drew inspiration from a photograph of the iconic Jerry West, then a superstar player for the Los Angeles Lakers, captured mid-dribble. The silhouette of West, dribbling with precision and grace, became the foundation for the NBA logo.

Is Michael Jordan called the goat? (2024)
Did Shaq say LeBron is the best ever?

After interviewing LeBron James live on the postgame show for NBA on TNT, Shaquille O'Neal said that he no longer wants anyone to argue who was the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA because that title know belongs to LeBron James.

What does Michael Jordan say about LeBron James?

You can't really quantify it. What LeBron has done is in its own category, what Kobe did, what Jordan, Kareem, Bill… People get very selective, 'well he only did…'… these are feats that never will be… nobody will be 6-0 in the finals, it just ain't gonna happen, that's crazy.

What made Michael Jordan so good?

While some may say he was gifted from above, I think it's a combination of factors that made him so perfect with basketball playing. Firstly, Michael Jordan had an incredible work ethic. He was known for his dedication to the game and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

Who is the real goat in NBA?

You can make cases for Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but when you take everything into account, there is only one GOAT: Michael Jordan.

What age did Jordan retire?

Michael Jordan retired in April 2003 at age 40, but he had previously retired two times i.e. in 1993 at age 30 and in 1999 at age 36. Jordan first retired from the NBA on October 6, 1993, after winning three consecutive NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Who has most All Star appearances Jordan or LeBron?

Throughout their careers, MJ and LeBron made All-Star teams multiple times. LeBron made it incredible 19 times, while Michael Jordan was All-Star 14 times. Being named an All-Star doesn't guarantee success for the rest of the season. Injuries or a performance decline can affect a player's status.

Are Michael Jordan and LeBron James friends?

The two don't have a close relationship for reasons that are probably rooted in many competitive impulses. Maybe this is the beginning of a different relationship for the two. "I did not want to lose the opportunity to shake the man's hand that inspired me throughout my childhood," James said.

Who has more rings Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Michael Jordan is the greatest champion in NBA history. His six rings count more than Bill Russell's 11, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's six, or Kobe Bryant's five.

Who is more athletic LeBron or Jordan?

Its very close between the two obviously, but LeBron has the edge athletic wise. But tbh, physically they were extremely similar if you consider than Jordan was more of a guard while LeBron is more of a forward. LeBron is not faster. MJ ran a 4.3 40 LeBron self proclaimed ran a 40 in 4.6 seconds.

Who does Charles Barkley say is the goat?

In a quickfire interview, Charles Barkley tells Chris Wallace that he thinks Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time and the Boston Celtics will win the NBA title this season, among other revealing answers.

Is Lebron greatest of all time?

Many basketball fans across the world speculate about who's the greatest player of all time or simply, who is the GOAT? Although James' phenomenal record indicates his career longevity, he became the greatest player of all time long before he passed Abdul-Jabbar.

Is LeBron a better shooter than Jordan?

Here's a startling statistic: Jordan made only 581 3-pointers in his career. James has made 621 during his time as a Laker alone. James was the more accurate 3-point shooter, making 34.4 percent of his career attempts to Jordan's 32.7 percent, but that gap is relatively meager.

Is MJ the best of all time?

Dominated on both ends of the floor: Michael Jordan owns the record for most scoring titles in NBA history with a total of 10. The more impressive part is how dominant he was on defense while putting up the most points per game in the history of the NBA.

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