What do the letters on hockey jerseys mean? [Solved] (2022)

What do the letters on hockey jerseys mean?

At most levels of play each team must designate one captain and a number of alternate captains (usually two or three) who speak to the officials when the captain is on the bench. Captains wear a "C" on their sweaters, while alternate captains wear an "A".... read more ›

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What does P mean in hockey?

P or PTS – Points – Scoring points, calculated as the sum of G and A. S - Shots on Goal - Total number of shots taken on net in the current season. PN - Penalties - Number of penalties the player has been assessed.... view details ›

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What does the letter A on a jersey mean?

This must be done prior to the start of the game. There you have it, folks. The correct term is ALTERNATE Captain.... read more ›

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What is the A on hockey team jersey?

Team captains and alternate captains wear the letters "C" and "A" respectively on the front of their sweaters.... see more ›

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Do hockey jersey numbers mean anything?

Numbers 2-6 were traditionally for defense, and 7-11 traditionally for forwards. Higher numbers were for players further down the depth chart, with one of the highest numbers (often 20, 29 or 30) for the backup goaltender.... see more ›

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What does D mean in hockey?

The possible positions are C (center), LW (left wing), RW (right wing), D (defense) or G (goaltender).... see more ›

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What does SB mean in hockey?

SA = Shots Against. SB = Player's Shot Blocked by Opposing Player.... read more ›

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What does C mean in hockey?

At most levels of play each team must designate one captain and a number of alternate captains (usually two or three) who speak to the officials when the captain is on the bench. Captains wear a "C" on their sweaters, while alternate captains wear an "A".... read more ›

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What position is C in hockey?

The centre (or center in the United States) in ice hockey is a forward position of a player whose primary zone of play is the middle of the ice, away from the sideboards.... view details ›


What do the stars under the C mean?

There are four stars underneath the C that designate the number of years of service as a captain. Those are changed from white to gold for each year the player has been a captain with that franchise. When a player reaches five years of service, he gets a gold C with four gold stars underneath. Advertisement.... continue reading ›


Can you wear 69 in the NHL?

Fun fact: Desjardins and forward Melvin Angelstad (two games with the Washington Capitals in 2003-04) are the only players in NHL history to wear No. 69.... read more ›

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Does anyone wear 66 in the NHL?

No. 66 isn't retired League-wide like No. 99 is for Wayne Gretzky. Two players have worn it since Lemieux retired from the NHL in 2006: Ho-Sang and Calgary Flames defenseman TJ Brodie in 2010-11.... see details ›

What do the letters on hockey jerseys mean? [Solved] (2022)

Who wears #13 in the NHL?

Nico Hischier was NHL ready the moment the New Jersey Devils made him the highest-drafted Switzerland-born player in history with the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. He's established himself as one of the premier two-way forwards in the game in three seasons and that's why he's the best current No. 13 in the NHL.... continue reading ›

Can anyone wear 99 in the NHL?

No, you cannot wear the number 99 in the NHL. The league officially retired the number on behalf of Wayne Gretzky in 2000.... view details ›

What do the 3 numbers mean in hockey?

Each team plays 41 games at home during the season and this is the team's record at home. The three numbers represented are Wins-Losses-OT, for example 20-10-3, which translates to 20 wins, 10 losses, and 3 overtime/shootout losses. AWAY – Away record.... read more ›

What is the most popular hockey number?

What Is the Most Common NHL Number? The most common NHL number of all time is number 21. It has been worn by 469 NHL players in league history. The 5 most common numbers after 21 are 22, 20, 18, 15, and 23.... read more ›

What does FP mean in hockey?

FP = Fantasy Points.... see more ›

What does PS mean in hockey?

PS. Penalty Shot. Penalty, Shot, Cheat.... read more ›

What does PPP mean in hockey?

PPP stands for power play points, which is the sum of goals and assists earned by players on the power play. Nikita Kucherov (Tampa Bay Lightning) led all NHL players with 48 power play points (15G, 33A) in the 2018-19 Season.... read more ›

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a hat trick, and its origins are uncertain.... continue reading ›

What does Pog mean in hockey?

POG. Player of the Game downvoted. Athletics, Game, Team. Athletics, Game, Team.... continue reading ›

What does RO mean in hockey?

The ROW acronym in hockey stands for Regulation plus Overtime Wins. It was introduced in the 2010-11 NHL season to distinguish between regulation/overtime wins and shootout wins. When two or more teams are equal in points and regulation wins, the team with a greater ROW will be ranked higher in the standings.... read more ›

What does L10 mean in hockey?

"Last 10" or "L10" tells you the team's record over the last 10 games, expressed as W-L-OTL. "STK" or "ST" is the team's current streak of consecutive wins or losses.... see more ›

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