What does PIM mean in hockey stats? [Solved] (2022)

What does PIM mean in hockey statistics?

Penalty minutes
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How is PIM calculated hockey?

What does PIM in hockey stats stand for? PIM stands for Penalty Infraction Minutes, but is more commonly referred to as Penalty Minutes. PIM is the cumulative total of time that a player has spent in the penalty box due to on ice infractions and is calculated by game and by season.... see more ›

What are PIMS in NHL?

The statistic used to track penalties was traditionally called "Penalty Infraction Minutes" (PIM), although the alternate term "penalty minutes" has become common in recent years. It represents the total assessed length of penalties each player or team has accrued.... view details ›

What does PIM mean in fantasy hockey?

Penealty Minutes are a stat that put the team your fantasy player is on at a disadvantage. If a player takes a lot of penalty minutes in real hockey without being a designated goon he will probably have his coach correct this, not be played in key situations or just be benched.... see more ›

Why is Pim a good stat?

In summary, PIM is a unique stat in hockey that lets fans track how many penalty minutes their favorite players receive. This stat is relatively unique since hockey is one of the few sports where players serve time in a penalty box. Finally, fantasy league owners like to add PIM to spice up the scoring.... see more ›

What is PS in hockey stats?

Point shares; an estimate of the number of points contributed by a player. Please see the article Calculating Points Shares for more information. Points; for players, calculated by adding goals to assists; for teams and goalies, calculated by adding two times wins to ties plus overtime/shootout losses.... view details ›

What is a good PPG in hockey?

NHL Leaders
1.Wayne Gretzky*1.921
2.Mario Lemieux*1.883
3.Mike Bossy*1.497
4.Connor McDavid1.431
117 more rows

What is PPP in hockey?

PPP stands for power play points, which is the sum of goals and assists earned by players on the power play. Nikita Kucherov (Tampa Bay Lightning) led all NHL players with 48 power play points (15G, 33A) in the 2018-19 Season.... see more ›

Who has the most penalties in the NHL?

Tiger Williams
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Can a goalie play with a broken stick?

Unlike the rules regarding other players, a goalie can continue to play with the broken stick until he can make it to the bench during a pause in the game to retrieve a new one. He can also be handed a stick from a fellow player; however, this must be considered a legal hand-off.... view details ›

What does GF and GA mean in hockey?

From NHL.com, this is the Western Conference teams ranked by points. GF=Goals For. GA=Goals Allowed.... view details ›

How many penalties can you get in hockey?

(b) Any player , except in Adult age classifications, who receives four penalties in the same game shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty . Any Adult player who receives five penalties in the same game shall be immediately ejected for the remainder of the game with no further suspension.... see more ›

Are penalty minutes good in hockey?

People always question why getting penalty minutes are a good thing in fantasy hockey, and the only answer that can be given is that it allows every NHL player to potentially have value in fantasy hockey -- the enforcers are able to contribute to a fantasy team, just as they do in real life.... see more ›

What does TkA mean in hockey?

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What does F mean in hockey?

F. Forward (ice hockey)... continue reading ›

What does TB mean in hockey?

Translation:shots on goal.... see details ›

What does Gr mean in hockey?

GR Hockey Abbreviation. 1. GR. Griffin Reinhart. Griffin, Player, Knight.... view details ›

What is the most important stat in hockey?

GF/60 is the most important stat because it's using real goals as opposed to expected goals. GF/60 has a direct impact on the game and it's much easier to gain cumulative value from offence than it is from defence. Although defence is a great stat, it can have a major flaw in a player's defensive impact.... view details ›

Is Lemieux better than Gretzky?

Despite playing in 572 fewer games than Gretzky, Lemieux holds the record for the highest career points-per-game average (2.005) and the highest career goals-per-game average (. 823).... view details ›

How many PPG did Gretzky have?

Wayne Gretzky finished his career with a 1.921 points per game average.... see more ›

What does OTG mean in hockey?

OTG. Overtime goals. Goals scored after regulation time ends in a tie, GWG. Game-winning goals.... see more ›

What does SM stand for in hockey?

SM = Player's Shot Missed Net. SOG = Shots On Goal.... read more ›

Can you have a 5 on 2 in hockey?

No, a team can never have less than 3 players on the ice. If a team takes a penalty while they have three players on the ice the penalty will be served at the expiry of the penalty with the least amount of time left.... see details ›

Who fights the most in the NHL?

Overall, the Anaheim Ducks led the pack of aggressors, amassing 107 major penalties since the 2017-18 season. The New York Rangers and Florida Panthers tied for second with 105 major penalties but the Rangers had more minor penalties (1,121) than the Panthers (1,063).... see details ›

Who has the least penalty minutes in NHL history?

Curtis Lazar – Buffalo Sabres: 31 Games Played.

This is part of the reason Buffalo has the LOWEST penalty minutes per game in the NHL.... read more ›

What is a good PPG in hockey?

NHL Leaders
1.Wayne Gretzky*1.921
2.Mario Lemieux*1.883
3.Mike Bossy*1.497
4.Connor McDavid1.431
117 more rows

What is a good goal against average?

In hockey, the goals against average (GAA) is a statistic that applies specifically to goaltenders. It is the number of goals scored on a goalie over 60 minutes of play.
Final Thoughts.
GAA RangeGrade
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