What happened to the Rochester fast ferry? (2024)

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What happened to the Rochester Fast ferry?

It was towed into the government-owned DIANCA shipyard in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela about 18 months ago, and remains there today. The hull is intact and the vessel's afloat, but two of its four engines failed years ago, according to Jose Dominguez, who has managed the ferry at the DIANCA shipyard.

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What happened to the ferry from Rochester to Toronto?

However, once in office, new Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy shut down the service for good on January 10, 2006. On May 3rd of that year, the boat was sold to a British Compnay called Euroferries, but the ship sat as no money came.

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Why did the fast ferry fail?

The primary factor for the project failure was the overall cost of building three fast ferries being substantially more than advertised at the outset of the project in 1994, when it was projected to cost $210 million.

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How long did the fast ferry from Rochester to Toronto take?

After operations began, Spirit of Ontario I performed reliably in daily service between Rochester and Toronto, making one or two round trips daily with a total crossing time of 2.5 hours including loading/discharging and customs/immigration clearance.

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Is the Rochester ferry open?

Reeds and Rochester Ferries remain closed.

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Where did the fast cat ferries end up?

Washington Marine Group announced on July 28, 2009 that they had sold the three ships for an undisclosed amount to Abu Dhabi MAR, a luxury yacht builder. The ferries were observed to be tied up in the port of Alexandria, Egypt in late 2022.

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What was the name of the fast ferry in Rochester NY?

The Spirit of Ontario I, the high-speed ferry that once called Rochester its home port, has reached unparalleled heights — or perhaps more accurately, fallen to unparalleled depths — in its new home in Venezuela.

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What happened to the Toronto ferry?

A Toronto Island ferry that struck a dock injuring 12 people on the weekend has been cleared to return to service, according to the city. A news release from the city said on Monday that Transport Canada provided clearance for the Sam McBride ferry after it was inspected by industry safety experts.

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Which ferry crashed in Toronto?

12 people, including 2 children, slightly injured after Toronto Island ferry crashes into dock. Twelve people, including two children, suffered minor injuries after a Toronto Island ferry crashed while pulling into the dock at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on Saturday afternoon, police say.

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What is a fast ferry called?

A high-speed craft (HSC) is a high-speed water vessel for civilian use, also called a fastcraft or fast ferry.

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How did the ferry disaster happen?

The roll-on roll-off ferry became unstable after it set off without its bow doors being closed, allowing the sea to flood its decks. Vehicles rolled around inside the ferry as water poured in and it capsized within the space of 90 seconds on to its port side on a sandbank.

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What is the cause of ferry crash?

Washington State Ferries has concluded that a captain's “loss of situational awareness,” and not any mechanical failures, caused the vessel Cathlamet to veer off course and crash near the Fauntleroy dock last summer.

What happened to the Rochester fast ferry? (2024)
What is the world's largest fast ferry?

Express 5, the world's largest fast ferry to Bornholm, Denmark.

What is the longest ferry ride in the world?

With an ocean crossing of approximately 1900 metres, the cable ferry between Vancouver Island and Denman Island in British Columbia; is the longest one in the world.

What is world's shortest ferry?

Ferry Lina
LocaleTöreboda kommun
Began operation1919
System length25 meters
No. of lines1
No. of vessels1
3 more rows

Is the Augusta ferry running?

As one of the oldest ferry services still in operation on the Ohio River, the Augusta Ferry runs 7 days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM (Closed Christmas Day).

Who owns the Augusta Ferry?

Augusta Ferry
LocaleHigginsport, Ohio and Augusta, Kentucky
WaterwayOhio River
Transit typePassenger ferry
OperatorAugusta Ferry Authority
Began operation1798
4 more rows

Does Rochester New York have a port?

The Port of Rochester is located on Lake Ontario where the Genesee River meets the lake, about 9 miles north of downtown Rochester.

Why did the Cat ferry stop running?

The high-speed ferry hasn't run since 2018, sidelined by construction delays and the pandemic.

Who owns fast ferry?

Superfast Ferries is a Greece-based ferry company founded in 1993 by Pericles Panagopulos and Alexander Panagopulos.
Superfast Ferries.
TypeWholly owned subsidiary
HeadquartersAthens, Greece
ProductsPassenger transportation, Freight transportation, Holidays, Business travel
ParentAttica Holdings
2 more rows

Who sold the fast ferries?

They were dry-docked for years until the B.C. Liberal government sold them to the Washington Marine Group for about $19 million, which then sold them to a yacht-building company in the UAE.

What famous ferry sank?

On September 28, 1994, 852 people die in one of the worst maritime disasters of the century when the Estonia, a large car-and-passenger ferry, sinks in the Baltic Sea.

What is the oldest ferry in New York?

Staten Island Ferry
LocaleStaten Island and Manhattan, New York City
Transit typePassenger ferry
OperatorNew York City Department of Transportation
Began operation1817
System length5.2 mi (8.4 km)
15 more rows

What is the longest ferry ride in New York?

Facts about NYC Ferry

The longest line from the NYC Ferry is: RW. This Ferry route starts from Rockaway (Queens) and ends at Wall St/Pier 11 (Manhattan). It covers over 25 km and has 3 stops.

Who bought the JFK ferry?

The auction concluded on January 19, 2022, with the ferry sold "as is" and "where is" to Paul Italia, Ron Castellano and Staten Island natives Colin Jost and Pete Davidson for a final selling price of $280,100.

What caused NYC ferry crash?

Instead of docking, the ferry angled away from its berth and collided with a concrete maintenance pier. The pier ripped into the ferry's starboard side and tore into the boat's main deck where many passengers were crowding forward to disembark.

Did paramedics say 12 people injured after Toronto Island ferry crashes into terminal dock?

Paramedics say 12 people sustained minor injuries this afternoon when a Toronto Island ferry crashed as it approached a downtown Terminal. Toronto Paramedic Services spokeswoman Jennifer Dart says five of those hurt were taken to hospital for treatment, but none of the injuries are deemed to be serious.

What was the worst ferry boat accident?

On Oct. 20, 1976, the worst ferry disaster in the history of the United States occurred on the Mississippi River in St. Charles Parish. Seventy-seven lives were lost.

What was the worst ferry sinking?

The 1987 loss of the Philippine ferry Doña Paz, with an estimated 4,386 dead, is the largest peacetime loss recorded.

What is the biggest ferry accidents?

December 3, 1948 - Between 1,100 and 3,920 die when Kiangya, a refugee ship, explodes after hitting a mine and sinking near Shanghai. September 26, 1954 - The Japanese ferry Toya Maru sinks in Tsugaru Strait, Japan, killing 1,172 people.

What is a ferry driver called?

ferryman. noun. someone whose job is to operate a ferry.

What is the bottom of a ferry called?

Bilge – The lowest part of a boat hull that sometimes collects water.

Was there a ferry worse than the Titanic?

More people died on the Joola on Sept. 26, 2002, than on the Titanic, making it the second deadliest maritime wreck ever recorded in peacetime. Only 64 people survived out of more than 1,900 — on a ferry designed to carry a maximum of 580.

Has a ferry ever sunk with cars?

22, 1929 the car ferry Milwaukee sank. On this day Oct. 22, 1929, the car ferry MILWAUKEE left Milwaukee's harbor about 12:30 p.m. in a heavy gale with 25 freight cars and a crew of 46.

Has a ferry ever sunk in New York?

Remembering the worst disaster in NYC maritime history: The sinking of the General Slocum ferry. On June 15, 1904, a disaster of unprecedented proportions took place in New York City, resulting in the loss of over 1,000 lives, mostly women and children.

How many people survived the ferry?

More than 300 people were killed. Only 172 passengers made it off alive. The disaster enraged, and traumatized, the nation.

Are ferry boats safe?

Generally travelling by ferry is usually considered one of the safest ways to travel. Ferry disasters are very rare, even if the more prominent ones are very memorable. Most ferry accidents are caused by unsuitable weather, overcrowding, and poor vessel maintenance.

Had a ferry ever sunk?

Mart Luik was in Paris when he found out that the MS Estonia ferry had sunk, killing more than 850 people, a quarter century ago.

What is the longest ferry in America?

Mike of DownieLive is the latter, proven by how he voluntarily got on the Alaska Marine Highway System. It is America's longest ferry, which travels 1,300 miles from Bellingham, Washington, to Whittier, Alaska.

What is the longest free ferry ride?

The ferries in our region are free, including the tourist attraction, the Kootenay Lake Ferry, which is the longest free ferry in the world. It's a 35-minute journey covering 8km, and operates year round.

How many cars can the biggest ferry hold?

As of April 17, 2020, there are 21 ferries on Puget Sound operated by the state. The largest vessels in this fleet carry up to 2500 passengers and 202 vehicles.

Is ferry bigger than Titanic?

Despite its popular image of vastness the Titanic was no bigger than a modern North Sea ferry, an expert in marine technology has said.

How many miles per hour does a ferry go?

We get that question a lot; humans can be very curious, especially when it comes to how quickly you'll get to your destination. Hy-Line's fast ferries can go at speeds of up to 34mph, which if you're talking in proper seafaring terminology is 30 knots an hour (1 knot = 1.151 mph)!

What is the fastest passenger ferry?

The Franciso ferry remains the fastest ferry, built by Incat: HSC Francisco is a High-Speed Catamaran built by Incat in Hobart, Tasmania. Powered by liquefied natural gas, she is currently the fastest passenger ship in service, reaching a speed of 58 knots (107 km/h; 67 mph).

What is the shortest ferry ride in the US?

The Caltrans ferries crossing the sloughs of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta on submerged cables take about three minutes.

What is the shortest ferry ride in North America?

The CAT Schedule

Sail on The CAT high-speed ferry between Nova Scotia and Maine, in just 3.5 hours.

What happened to speed ferries?

It operated one route between Dover in England and Boulogne in France.
FounderCurt Stavis
HeadquartersDover, United Kingdom
4 more rows

Why was Edmonds ferry closed?

The closure stemmed from electrical issues with the transfer span at the Edmonds terminal, according to Washington State Ferries.

What happened to the Yakima ferry?

At about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, the anchor on the ferry Yakima came loose, dropped several feet down the side of the boat and swung into place. The anchor, which weighs hundreds of pounds, bent metal on the ferry and damaged it above the waterline.

Who owns the fast ferries?

The minister congratulated the Bahamian-owned Bahamas Fast Ferries during the ribbon cutting and opening ceremony of its multi-million dollar investment in the Abaco economy, and for its partnership with Baker's Bay and Discovery Land.

What is the oldest operating ferry?

The nation's oldest continuously operating ferry service crosses the Connecticut River between Rocky Hill and Glastonbury. The original ferry, which dates back to 1655, was a small raft pushed across the river using long poles.

What happened to the Evergreen State ferry?

Lemetta moved the ferry to Langley and began refurbishing it into an electric vessel in 2021.
MV Evergreen State.
Port of registrySeattle, Washington, United States
Completed1954 Refit: 1988
In serviceNovember 27, 1954
17 more rows

What happened to Vashon ferry?

1 of 2 Cathlamet ferry crashed into the Fauntleroy terminal causing significant damage to the vessel and an offshore dolphin at the terminal, on Thursday, July 28, 2022, in Seattle.

What happened to Arnold ferry?

Arnold Transit Company was a ferry boat company serving Mackinac Island in Michigan for 140 years. In late 2016 Arnold Line's Assets including the boats, docks along with its name were purchased by Star Line Ferry (now Mackinac Island Ferry Company), who continues to operate it today.

Why is the Burlington VT ferry closed?

"With the ongoing staffing constraints and economic challenges, the decision has been made to discontinue this service for the near future," said operations manager Heather Stewart of Lake Champlain Transportation in an email Thursday.

When did the Albion ferry shut down?

July 31, 2009

What happened to the Bluenose ferry?

Bluenose Ferry ran from Bar Harbor to Nova Scotia from circa 1960 to 1997. The Bluenose was replaced by "The Cat" in 1997. The terminal and docking facility for the M.V. Bluenose was built on the site of the Stotesbury Estate "Wingwood".

Will the Cat ferry run in 2023?

"We expect the ferry to sail in 2023," Kim Masland told reporters following a cabinet meeting on Thursday. The ferry is scheduled to begin its new season on May 25. "It has taken some time to make sure that we are getting this right," said Masland.

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