What happens if you don't sharpen new skates? (2024)

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What happens if you don't sharpen new skates?

Skating with unsharpened blades can cause damage to the blade and may lead to issues during skating. Sharpening your skates can help preserve their condition, as well as increase their lifespan. If you notice any signs of blade wear or damage, it is important to have them sharpened before continuing use.

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Do I need to sharpen brand new skates?

The quick answer is no, hockey skates do not come pre-sharpened when you buy them new. Even the best pair of hockey skates will need to be sharpened before you can let them rip out on the ice. However, most hockey skate manufacturers will put a hollow or contour on the blade before they sell the skate.

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Do I really need to sharpen my skates?

Skates should typically be sharpened after 8-10 hours of use on an indoor rink. This timeframe shrinks when skating outdoors. If you find yourself struggling to skate smoothly or falling down doing a typical skill you'd be comfortable with it is a sign that you may need to get your blades checked.

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How do you tell if new skates are sharpened?

If you feel a little bite to your nail as you drag it across the edge – the edge is sharp. If your fingernail ever feels like it slides across the edge smoothly (i.e. as if the edge were rounded and not sharp) – this is an indication that the edge might not be sharp enough to skate on with confidence.

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Do you need to break in new skates?

It takes time to break in a new pair of figure skates. It is best to break the skates in over several skating sessions. You will need to skate in the new boots for a total of at least six, but up to eight, hours.

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What to do when you get new ice skates?

Heat and Bake

One of the most popular in-store adjustments involves using heat. If they prefer not to do it at the store, some people use a hair dryer, which can be applied to the boot of the skate for 2-3 minutes before trying the skate on to mold it to their foot.

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How many skates before sharpening?

There's no real limit to how many times you can sharpen your skates. It's very normal to sharpen them every 3-10 hours of skating. Elite players sharpen them after every 2nd or 3rd game.

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How should ice skates feel?

Unlike shoes, skates should offer a snug fit, tight but not painfully so. The worst thing that a skater can do is purchase skates that are too big. If they are too big, they will only get worse as they stretch. Skates that are a little small can be easily fixed.

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Why do my skates chatter when I stop?

Chattering occurs when the edge being stopped on (inside or outside) has too much bite. Sometimes the radius of hollow is too small for the player, or "too sharp." More often it is because the skate was not centered on the sharpening stone resulting in one edge being "higher" than the other.

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Do recreational ice skates need to be sharpened?

Each ice skate, be it recreational, hire, figure, dance or Hockey has a metal blade or runner under the boot that needs sharpening. Once sharpened the blades has two edges, the inside and outside edge.

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How do I know if my skates are sharp enough?

A quick test for a sharp edge is to hold the skate upside down, place one thumbnail on the edge of the blade and gently pull down and away from the blade on three or four parts of the blade. A good, sharp blade will easily scrape a layer of your thumbnail, leaving the remnants on the blade.

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Do you want skates to be tight or loose?

Generally speaking, the golden rule for proper skate fit no matter the brand or kind of skate is as snug as possible without being painful or uncomfortable, with the ability to still wiggle the toes up and down.

What happens if you don't sharpen new skates? (2024)
Can you ice skate with brand new skates?

After the process is complete, it is recommended that you wait a full 24 hours before skating in them. Following the heat molding process, if you still have any type of pain in your feet while wearing your skates, it could mean that the fit of the skate does not match with the shape of your foot.

Why do my new skates feel weird?

If you aren't used to wearing them, they're going to feel strange and even painful. Your feet need time to adjust to wearing skates. This is especially true if you're a brand new skater. Most new hockey players find that skates are super uncomfortable and often wonder if they're doing something wrong.

How many years do ice skates last?

It depends on the blade, the skill level, the skater, etc. Done frequently enough, a blade should last 5 to 8 years for the average recreational skater. Generally, the frequency should be every 20-30 hours of skating. FACTORS: Hardness of the steel used in the blade, and how much and how aggressively you skate.

Is it harder skating with dull skates or sharpened?

Dull Skate Blades Are Harder To Control And Struggle More In Ice Conditions. Dull skate blades make it more difficult to control and struggle more in ice conditions. Sharpened skates provide a smoother glide, making them easier to maneuver and stay on your feet longer.

Can you sharpen ice skates too much?

Sharpen them too often and your blades will wear out prematurely. Not frequently enough, and you'll find yourself losing an edge when trying to turn, or being unable to control your skates.

Can you sharpen skates at home?

Use a flat file to file the blade from toe to heel in a diagonal motion. Be sure the file is always perpendicular to the blade. Slide the flat file across a single blade in the same direction roughly 20 times, then perform the same motion in the opposite direction. Repeat the process for the other skate.

Should you be able to wiggle your toes in ice skates?

A correctly fitted boot should feel snug in the heel. There should be little or no movement when you try to lift your heel. Your toes should be able to wiggle freely but not slide from side to side.

Can skates be baked more than once?

While they'll look the same, the problem is that the ankle supports will start to break down and the bonds will loosen. If possible, heat them once and never again. If you have a lower-end model, you're taking a chance baking them once.

Do skates hurt at first?

It's normal to feel some pain when you start skating for the first time, especially if you have never skated before. The process of learning how to skate involves a lot of muscles and bones getting used in new ways. This can cause discomfort at first.

Why do skates slide so easily over ice?

The Chemistry of Water: Ice Skating | NSF - National Science Foundation. Speed skater glides on ice. Ice skating works because metal skate blades glide with very little friction over a thin layer of water on the ice surface.

Is it harder to stop on new skates?

Leather is stiffer on the new skate, the new boot hasn't conformed to the shape of your foot, and blades are at their original manufactured height as opposed to thinner due to being sharpened hundreds of times. So just get out on the ice at a local rink regularly and you'll be used to your new skates in no time.

Why do ice skates have to be sharp?

A sharp skate blade "bites" into the ice and maintains a generally predictable direction. A dull blade does not minimize the side-to-side movements and you slip and fall.

What do most NHL players sharpen their skates at?

The higher the number, the flatter the cut. Players used to regularly ask for a 3/8ths or half-inch cut (pointy, high); now it's commonplace for them to use a much shallower hollow. Montreal's Jesperi Kotkaniemi skates on 11/16ths. NHL refs, for whom glide is paramount, typically sharpen at around an inch.

How many inches should I sharpen my skates?

The normal range for this is ⅜” to ¾”, although higher or lower hollows are occasionally seen. Typically, skate shops will do 1/2”, 5/8”, or 7/16” hollow as a default if they aren't given any specific instructions.

How do you sharpen skates for beginners?

Your skate is clamped into a jig (most commonly one that holds the blade horizontally) which is aligned with the finishing wheel. The blade is then gently passed along the finishing wheel about 10 times, until the edges are sharp and the bottom is fully hollowed out.

When should skate blades be replaced?

Excess wear on blade or blades. Blades should be replaced if they are lower than 3/8” at the ball of foot center or heal center.

Why do my new skates hurt?

When you first skate in your new skates, yes, it is normal for there to be a little discomfort. It is normal to get the odd blister, or a bit of a pain. This discomfort should only affect you the first few times you use your skates. This is the normal process of breaking in a new pair of skates.

How many hours does it take to break in skates?

For most people it will take about 12 hours to break in a pair of skates over the course of roughly a month. Start out with shorter skate adventures and build up to longer skate adventures.

Can you put skates in the oven?

In general, higher-end skates can be baked, while you probably shouldn't bake low-end skates. Subjecting lower-level or recreational skates to the temperatures required for heat molding can cause the materials to break down faster, decreasing the skate's ability to provide support and shortening its overall lifetime.

Can skates be too stiff?

A boot that is too stiff for your playing ability could reduce your ability to get a good knee bend. Newer players are typically advised against using a very stiff boot. Remember when buying hockey skates you need to factor in your foot size, width, arch, playing style, playing ability, and weight.

What happens if you don't tie your skates tight enough?

If the skates feel too loose, your feet will move around a lot which can cause injuries. Hockey skates should fit snugly when you first put them on, but there is no need for extra space in adult hockey skates. You don't want your skate to move around or feel too tight; it should fit like a glove.

Are tight shoes better for skating?

Your skate shoes should fit snug and secure. That being said, you don't want your toe to be touching the end of your shoe. When you skate and try tricks—especially when you don't land on the board—your foot will slide forward. If your shoes are too tight, it's going to be painful on your toes.

How often do pro skaters go through shoes?

How many pairs do you skate through in a week? "A pair of shoes will last me a week and a half to two weeks. Some guys go through them faster than that, but I like to break them in and wear them."

How do you know if skates are broken in?

You can usually tell by looking at them. If the ankle creases are really deep and you no longer feel stable on the ice, especially when jumping, it's usually time for new boots.

How should new skates fit?

The skate should fit very snug for proper support to enable a good push-off without any movement of your foot inside the skate. And finally, it takes a few wears to break in a new pair of skates. Baking your skates is another option that helps expedite the break-in process to get a more custom fit.

Why do my feet hurt so bad when I skate?

Plantar fasciitis — Plantar fasciitis occurs due to repetitive stress on the bottom of the feet, stretching from the heel towards the toes. It causes pain in the heel and arch, and is common in skateboarders due to intense gripping motion of the toes while skating and poor calf strength or flexibility.

Why do my feet hurt so bad ice skating?

Without thin socks, you can get painful corns and blisters. Lace your skates tight enough so that they fit is snug, but not painfully tight. Lacing boots too tightly can cause lace bite, a condition that causes sharp foot pain due to compressed tendons.

How do I make my skates less painful?

Warm up your muscles and stretch before skating.

As with any sport or physical activity, you should always warm up and stretch before skating. Gentle stretching every day can help reduce pain from Plantar fasciitis and also loosen up your Achilles tendon.

How many years do skates last?

How long does your average pair of skates last? Anywhere from 1 – 20 years. It totally depends on quality of components, upkeep and maintenance, the type of skating you do, and how often you skate. The wheels may be the first to go, but they can be changed.

Can I put my skates in the oven?

In general, higher-end skates can be baked, while you probably shouldn't bake low-end skates. Subjecting lower-level or recreational skates to the temperatures required for heat molding can cause the materials to break down faster, decreasing the skate's ability to provide support and shortening its overall lifetime.

What is a Bauer bump?

The 'Bauer bump' is a symptomatic Haglund's deformity in ice hockey players that is caused by frequent wearing of ice skates that do not fit correctly. A small, tight skate causes increased pressure on the back of the calcaneus while a skate that is too loose causes excessive motion and friction.

Do CCM and Bauer skates fit the same?

CCM skates tend to be wider, and Bauer's tend to be narrow. If you have wide feet, you might find CCM's are much more comfortable, whereas if you have narrow feet, you might find them too loose.

Can you ice skate with flat feet?

Flat-footed players can experience pain and discomfort caused by several different factors. Thankfully, wearing properly fitting skates and using custom skate inserts can relieve these problems.

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