What happens to Paco in You? (2024)

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What happens to Paco in You?

When Paco later goes to the bookstore and finds Beck attempting to escape the basem*nt, begging Paco to find the key and insisting that Joe is crazy and dangerous, Paco runs away leaving Beck to be murdered by Joe. Paco and his mother Claudia moved away from New York to start fresh.

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Does Paco ever come back?

The character of Paco does not exist in the books You and Hidden Bodies and was purely created for the Netflix adaption, so really anything could happen. It is highly likely that Paco will feature in season two of You, given the dramatic ending of the final of season one.

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Why did they add Paco in You?

The character of Paco (Luca Padovan) wasn't in the book, but rather, executive producer Greg Berlanti came up with the idea. "It was Greg's suggestion to bring a boy into the story so that we could see a more honest and vulnerable side of Joe," showrunner Sera Gamble told EW.

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What did love do with Candace's body?

Candace is killed by Love.

Love uses the bottle to slit Candace's throat. This is more or less the same way she'd previously killed the au pair who was hooking up with her brother, Forty, when they were kids. Later, Love takes Candace's body to Anavrin where she presumably disposes of it.

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What happened to Paco in season 2?

What happened to Paco? At the end of You, Paco is seen moving out of New York with his mother. However, fans of You on Reddit are not so sure Paco will go on to lead a normal life. Many see a young Joe in Paco, a young boy who will go on to be scarred by traumatic experiences from his past.

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How was Beck murdered in You?

Beck offers it to Joe as an escape route, but it's all a ruse – she just wanted him to let her out, so she could lock him in the cage and call the police. Unluckily for Beck, Joe stashed a key in the cage, so he gets out and – off-screen – kills her, then dumps her body and frames Dr Nicky for her murder.

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Does Paco live in You?

In case you need a refresher (side note: doubt it!), Paco lives with his mum Claudia and her boyfriend Ron, and is often turfed out of their apartment onto the landing when they're fighting.

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Will Love be in you Season 4?

YOU Season 4 is now in production. The final moments of season 3 teased that Joe (Penn Badgley) was alive and well and therefore would live to kill another day. And since Love Quinn was, well, blown up by Joe in the season 3 finale, it's likely she wont be returning for more episodes.

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Is You Season 4 coming?

You Season 4 is slated to be released on Netflix in two parts. The first part will premiere on February 10, 2023, while the second part will premiere on March 10, 2023.

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Is Theo murdered in You?

But in the finale, we find out Love didn't whack him hard enough. When Joe goes to clean up Love's mess, Joe discovers Theo is alive but seriously injured.

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Did they find Becks body in You?

then you know the big question on fans' minds: Is Beck (Elizabeth Lail) alive? The season one finale suggests Joe (Penn Badgley) murdered her after she tried to escape that creepy glass box in the basem*nt of his bookstore—but we never see Beck's body, just an anonymous body bag of some sort.

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Is Theo killed in You?

After that cliffhanger in the penultimate episode, it looks like young Theo's hormones have been the death of him, but when Joe returns to the basem*nt in the finale, he discovers that Theo is severely injured but still alive.

What happens to Paco in You? (2024)
Why did Joe remove natalies teeth?

Love isn't thrilled to see the state of Natalie's face, not just decomposing but sunken, Joe having removed her teeth so that her body, if found, couldn't be identified using dental records.

What happens to Joe and loves baby?

What happens to Joe's son Henry? Realising that being the son of murderous parents would lead to Henry being placed in care and possibly having an awful childhood like he himself had, Joe leaves Henry in his baby carrier on Dante and Lansing's doorstep, with a note asking them to take care of him.

Is Candace a hallucination?

Candace is just a hallucination.

However, if you watch the scene closely, not only does a customer in the shop observe Candace, but the producers have gone on the record as saying she's alive and will play a bigger part in Season 2.

Does Paco ever find Catalina?

As Paco was driving one day, he spotted Catalina again but this time he grabbed her attention before he parked the car instead of crashing. Paco then ran over to an overjoyed Catalina and the two of them kissed, reconciling their relationship.

How did Joe get away with Beck's death?

Beck then discovers the glass vault in the basem*nt of the bookstore. Joe finds Beck in the basem*nt and quickly locks her in the vault. Beck tricks Joe into coming into the vault, although Joe eventually escapes and kills Beck. Joe pins these murders of Dr.

Who did Beck cheat on Joe with?

Joe and Beck date on and off for a few months, but after Peach's death, they really connect and seem like they're in a good place (from Joe's perspective). But then he figures out that the whole time they've been together, she's actually been sleeping with her therapist, Dr. Nicky (played by John Stamos).

Did Joe hurt Mr Mooney?

Not only was the angry old man still alive, but he was also severely physically disabled. Joe confessed to Beck, in what seemed like an emotional moment at the time, that Mr. Mooney had a debilitating stroke that left him paralyzed and mute.

Does Guinevere Beck come back?

In the second season, Beck comes back as a hallucination. Joe catches a glimpse of her on the other side of the road before a car comes and she disappears. Later on in the apartment after arguing with Love, Joe sees her a second time, as she complains about why their relationship went wrong.

What happens to Guinevere in you?

Season 1 ended with protagonist and obsessed murderer Joe Goldberg seemingly killing his aspiring writer girlfriend, Guinevere Beck, after she discovers his obsession with her and tries to escape his bookstore basem*nt dungeon.

Does Joe Go to Jail in You?

Joe and Delilah are arrested for lewd conduct in public, but Joe manages to get Forty to use his connections to get them out of jail. When Fincher reveals his suspicions about Joe to Delilah, she takes his keys and goes to his storage facility. He finds her there and locks her in the vault.

Does anything happen to Ellie in You?

Instead, Joe goes to find Ellie and tell her that Delilah is dead. He sends her away with money he's taken from the Quinn business safe to start a new life in Florida before she can be taken away (we know she gets there safely as Joe receives a postcard from her before the end of season two).

Does Joe Go to Paris in You?

As Joe settles into his life in Paris, his obsession with Marienne will continue, according to Gamble. "That's why he's there," she shared with E! News.

Who will return in You season 4?

Penn Badgley will return as Joe Goldberg and Tati Gabrielle is back as Marienne, the object of his obsession in season 3 – although it's not been confirmed in what capacity her character will return. The rest of the main cast is made up of new additions.

Who comes back in season 4 of You?

You Season 4 cast

Badgley will of course be returning as Joe Goldberg, and it's been confirmed that we'll be seeing Tati Gabrielle back as Marienne Bellamy. New cast members include Charlotte Ritchie (Ghosts) as Kate, who will be Joe's newest obsession despite her disliking him from the get-go.

Will there be a You season 5?

Netflix hasn't confirmed a season five of 'You' yet, but it hasn't been ruled out either. Before season 4 was announced, executive produced Sera Gamble previously told The Hollywood Reporter: "I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons." Writing by Britta O'Boyle.

Is Love still alive in season 4?

Love's shocking death was not a surprise to Victoria Pedretti though, who told TVLine that she always knew the season was not going to end well for her character. “I knew [Love] was going to die at the end of this season pretty early on.

Why is You season 4 in two parts?

You Season 4 Has Been Split Into Two Parts to Give Viewers 'Time to Process' Part 1 of You Season 4 will land on Netflix in February, with Part 2 debuting in March. Thanks to this weekend's Netflix TUDUM event, the curtain on You Season 4 has finally been pulled back just a little bit.

Is You season 4 the last?

Is season 4 the final season of You? Netflix has not revealed with the renewal announcement if season 4 is the last we'll see of Joe. So as it stands, there's a chance we could see even more of You in the near future.

Is Love pregnant by Theo?

She doesn't know if the baby would be Joe's or Theo's. While at a weekend away event with her mother and Sherry, Dottie reveals to Sherry that Love is pregnant. Love freaks out and unloads on her mom, and Dottie gives it back to her. After their fight, Love realizes that she is not pregnant.

Does Joe leave Henry?

Luckily, Joe takes Love's words to heart and leaves Henry with Dante and Lansing so he has a chance at a better life with great parents. But despite having a better upbringing, will Henry still become a dangerous person like his parents?

Is Joe a villain in You?

Hello, you. Joseph "Joe" Goldberg is the main villainous protagonist of the Netflix thriller series You, which is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. He is portrayed by Penn Badgley.

Is the captain in you Beck's dad?

Still monitoring her texts, Joe sees that Beck has made weekend plans with an older man she calls "The Captain" and lies to her friends about it. A jealous Joe follows her to a Charles Dickens festival in Nyack and soon learns that the man is her father, Edward, who she had previously said was dead.

What did Mr Mooney do to Joe in you?

Mooney, the bookseller who took Joe (Penn Badgley) in and taught him how to repair books. Mr. Mooney was harsh with Joe and locked him in the glass box in the bookstore basem*nt for days at a time. Blum was also an accomplished actor and Broadway star.

What did Mooney do to Joe in you?

Mooney took him in. He cared for him but also was abusive to him believing that he was guiding him. He would often lock Joe in his glass cage in the basem*nt to teach him various lessons, telling him that he is doing it out of love and to make sure Joe does not end up like his father.

What happens to Marianne in You?

Though all of the other women Joe gets involved with do die in You, Marienne manages to survive throughout the entire third season. While the French librarian's life is spared (more on that later), Joe still meddles in Marienne's life by attempting to take care of her problems.

Does Delilah get killed in You?

While she's trapped and Joe tries to figure a way out of the mess he's in, Love discovers Delilah in the cage and kills her so that she won't be a threat to her relationship with Joe. Delilah was just a very likable character, and one who, like many on this list, deserved much better.

Is Love Quinn still alive?

Some fans have speculated that, because you don't see Love's body actually burn to death that she could have escaped and still be alive. However, show-runner Sera Gamble told Newsweek: "She is lying there [dead]. I'm not trying to be 'was there a parachute under that seat in the airplane? ' She is [dead]."

Why did Joe bury Candace?

He presented her with a picnic and tried to reason with her that they should continue their relationship. When she tried to run and fight back against him he slammed her head, knocking her out. Believing he killed her, he buried her in a shallow grave topped with flowers and left .

Where is Delilah's body?

In one of the most tragic deaths in both Seasons 1 and 2 of You, Joe finds Delilah lying dead in his cage in a pool of her own blood after Joe locked her in when she finds out his secret life as a cold-blooded murderer.

What did they do with Natalie's body you?

Now, she believes this is referring to getting rid of the cheating but, as we soon see, it's actually Joe wrapping up Natalie's body with tape and taking off, burying her in the woods. Joe even spills the truth that he wanted to leave Love after this incident. So why didn't he?

Is Henry Joes son?

Henry "Forty" Quinn-Goldberg is the newborn son of Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg. He is named after Love's brother, Forty Quinn. Joe is insistent on calling his son, "Henry".

Who is the father of Love's baby in You?

The real father is Milo.

This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe. If we marked her and Milo's relations as the time of conception, then it is highly possible that by the time she knew of the pregnancy, she hadn't been physical with Joe yet.

Does Joe find out about Love and Theo?

In any case, Love eventually does tell Joe about Theo — kind of. She says that Theo kissed her, and then she conducts a plan so she can get closer to Theo but make Joe believe it's for another reason.

Is Joe imagining Candace?

Joe has vivid hallucinations and flashbacks throughout Season 1, making it extremely possible that when Candace shows up at the bookstore, she's just a figment of his imagination.

What happened to Paco in You?

What ever happened to Paco? In season one, Joe and Paco killed the abusive boyfriend of the kid's mum, before Joe disposed of the body. Paco then turned up at the bookstore in New York and heard Beck calling for help in the basem*nt.

Did Candace go to Italy?

Candace had "disappeared" to Italy by the time Joe met Beck.

In fact, there's a moment during season 1 when Joe tells Beck, and a friend of Candace's who they ran into at a party, that their relationship ended when Candace ran away to Italy.

Did Paco move to LA in you?

Joe's young neighbor, Paco, ends up moving to Los Angeles with his mom after Joe kills his mom's abusive boyfriend, Ron.

Does Joe Go to Jail in you?

Joe and Delilah are arrested for lewd conduct in public, but Joe manages to get Forty to use his connections to get them out of jail. When Fincher reveals his suspicions about Joe to Delilah, she takes his keys and goes to his storage facility. He finds her there and locks her in the vault.

Does anything happen to Ellie in you?

Instead, Joe goes to find Ellie and tell her that Delilah is dead. He sends her away with money he's taken from the Quinn business safe to start a new life in Florida before she can be taken away (we know she gets there safely as Joe receives a postcard from her before the end of season two).

What drug does Benji do in you?

Have you forgotten — have you forsaken — BENJI, the artisanal soda-pop brewer and low-key cocaine addict? He is still trapped in the basem*nt of the bookstore! Joe takes his sweet time visiting his prisoner, first having a little chat with our stairwell urchin.

Does Jo survive in You?

"She is [dead]. We've done that before with Candace but you know, there were questions you could ask about that," says Gamble. "I feel like you literally watch every second of her dying, right on the screen."

What did Beck find in the bathroom?

Or at least some of it. In the final moment's of YOU's penultimate episode, Beck discovered Joe's hiding place — the ceiling above his toilet. There, he'd hidden a box filled with items he'd taken from her — including her phone — and items he'd taken from Peach and Benji, his two victims.

Does Joe find out about Theo?

When Joe goes to clean up Love's mess, Joe discovers Theo is alive but seriously injured. He takes pity on Theo, who reveals he really loved Love, and puts Theo in a cab to the hospital.

Is Joe a villain You?

Joseph "Joe" Goldberg is the main villainous protagonist of the Netflix thriller series You, which is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. He is portrayed by Penn Badgley. He was also portrayed by Gianni Ciardiello, Aidan Wallace and Jack Fisher as a youth.

Was Joe abused in You?

His father was abusive to him and his mother. His mother frequently cheated on his father, often leaving Joe alone in public areas while doing so. His father would physically abuse him, such putting cigarettes out under his arms, trying to force him to confess his mother's infidelity.

How did forty figure out Joe?

After reading Beck's book, Forty suspects that Beck's ex killed Beck and framed Dr. Nicky. Candace, Joe's ex, tells him that this is exactly what happened and that Joe is actually the killer.

Does Ellie come back to life?

Return and Reunion

After Dodge's defeat, the Lockes give Ellie the Identity Key who uses it to transform back into herself. Ellie reassures everyone that she doesn't blame them and is finally reunited with the real Lucas who was freed when Tyler used the Alpha Key to kill Dodge.

What was Benji's secret?

Waking up in a hospital with his parents standing over him made him realize that he could have died without really being who he was, and he decided to tell his parents that he was gay.

Do they ever find Benji's body in you?

There is also no physical evidence or body of Benji existing and the only people who knew about his death were Peach and Beck, who Joe also killed. In the You season one finale, Joe fatally stabbed Ron (Daniel Cosgrove), the partner of his next-door neighbour Claudia (Victoria Cartagena).

How does Joe get rid of Benji's body?

Benji Ashby (Lou Taylor Pucci)

He lured him to his library basem*nt trap and kept him there for days, before deciding to kill him. To get rid of the body, Joe decides to burn it in the woods after removing his teeth (which he keeps in his box of trophies).

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