What is the average price of a ticket to the NFL? (2023)

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How much does an NFL ticket cost 2022?

Choice – $69.99 + tax per month for 12 months. Ultimate – $89.99 + tax per month for 12 months. Premier – $139.99 + tax per month for 12 months.

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Who has the lowest ticket prices in the NFL?

5 NFL franchises with the cheapest tickets for 2022-23 NFL season ft. Cleveland Browns and New York Jets
  • Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson.
  • Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray.
  • New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence.
  • Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff.
8 Nov 2022

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How much is the most expensive NFL ticket?

The Dallas Cowboys had the highest road ticket prices in the NFL. The average resale ticket price when the Cowboys visited was $319 last season — more than $100 over the league average of $203.14.

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How much does it cost a NFL player to go to a family of 4?

On average a family of four is looking at spending around $536 at an NFL game, if they buy two beers and sodas each, pay for parking and consume four hot dogs in total.

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Do NFL player get free tickets?

Each player is allotted 15 tickets for the game; however, to get those tickets, they have to pay $1,800 for each one -- and that $1,800 price even applies to 2-week-old babies. Babies can fly free on a plane, but when it comes to the Super Bowl, they have to pay full price.

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Is the NFL ticket worth it?

A Lot of Football for a Lot of Money

NFL Sunday ticket is the only option if you want to watch live, out-of-market games on Sunday Afternoon. We like the service's many playback features, but the asking price is higher than other live TV streaming services that cover far more than just NFL Games.

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Can you buy NFL ticket by itself?

How do I get NFL SUNDAY TICKET without DIRECTV? If you don't have a TV or DIRECTV, you could get NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV as a standalone streaming service. But it's only available if you're an actively enrolled college student or happen to live in one of these areas: Select metropolitan cities.

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What sport has the most expensive tickets?

List: The Most Expensive Professional Sports Tickets
  • Super Bowl LVI (56) (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) ...
  • Stanley Cup Finals. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) ...
  • The Masters. (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) ...
  • NBA Finals. ...
  • Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte. ...
  • Kentucky Derby. ...
  • 2021 World Series. ...
  • Champions League Final.
28 Mar 2022

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What stadium has the cheapest NFL tickets?

In the league's least expensive stadiums, EverBank Field, home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn., where the Tennessee Titans play, three tickets, on average, will cost you around $200.

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What are the most expensive seats at a football game?

Allegiant Stadium — Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders' Allegiant Stadium tops the Fan Cost Index with a price tag of $778.56. That means it costs a family of four around $100 more to see a game at Allegiant Stadium than at the already expensive Gillette Stadium. The average ticket at Allegiant Stadium costs over $150.

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Do NFL players get their own hotel room?

The marquee players will get their own rooms, and some of them might even get something really plush. But for rookies and lesser known players, they will have to bunk up with a teammate.

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How much is Waterboy NFL?

Former NFL player Jake Thieneman claimed in a TikTok clip that an average NFL water boy makes around $53.000, noting that the actual figure depends on the team's status and the applicant's experience.

What is the average price of a ticket to the NFL? (2023)
How much do NFL teams pay for travel?

In 2017, National Football League teams on an average $4,000,000 on travel, it really makes you wonder what it takes for teams to spend so much money with only 8 away games.

Do NFL players get paid weekly?

They earn a weekly salary but only during the season with conditions set on whether they play and how they perform. Like other workers they get bonuses that are paid outside the regular schedule of payments. In order to understand how NFL players get paid, a look at different parts of their contracts is needed.

How much does it cost to give a ball to a fan in the NFL?

In the NFL, players are not charged for giving the ball specifically to one fan.

How much does it cost a NFL player to give a ball to a fan?

According to the NFL's schedule of infractions and fines, players are fined $7,210 for a first offense and $12,360 for a second offense. However, this fine is usually reserved for when players throw or kick the ball into the stands.

How much does the NFL package cost for a bar?

2021 NFL SUNDAY TICKET SMALL BAR REGULAR SEASON OFFER: In order to receive NFL SUNDAY TICKET for Small Bars, customers must subscribe to a commercial base programming package with a 24-month agreement. New customer pricing of $650 is based on Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) 1-100 only and is subject to verification.

Do you get all games with NFL ticket?

What games can I stream with my NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV subscription? NFL SUNDAY TICKET includes live, out-of-market regular season games every Sunday afternoon at 1pm ET and 4pm ET. Other conditions may apply. Was this article helpful?

Do NFL tickets get cheaper after game starts?

Fans that waited until the week of the game paid 18% less than average for their seats — a savings of nearly $40 per ticket. During the 2021-2022 NFL season, 28% of resale tickets were purchased the same week as the game.

Who gets Sunday Ticket in 2022?

There are three main ways to sign up for NFL SUNDAY TICKET this season: Existing DIRECTV subscribers can call or order online to get NFL SUNDAY TICKET or NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. New DIRECTV subscribers can sign up for DIRECTV CHOICE or above and receive NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX for the 2022 season at no extra cost.

How much should you spend on NFL tickets?

The Lions have the NFL's cheapest ticket, as their games cost, on average, about $224. The Jaguars ($258), Jets ($265), Cardinals ($276) and Browns ($282) are the league's other four teams that have an average ticket cost of under $300.
How much do NFL tickets cost by team?
TeamAverage ticket price
16 more rows
31 May 2022

How much are 2022 NFC tickets?

How Much Are NFC Championship Tickets. The Los Angeles Rams will face off against the San Francisco 49ers in the 2022 NFC Championship Game. Tickets for the 2022 NFC Championship at SoFi Stadium start at $657 in section 531. The cheapest lower level ticket can be found for $1,426 in section 103.

What is average ticket price 2022 Superbowl?

The high rollers will need more than $906,000 for a single ticket for a 24-person suite. "Tickets for Super Bowl 56 are currently averaging at $9,086 on the secondary market, making it the fourth straight day that the average list price has been under the $10,000 mark," according to TicketIQ's latest update Saturday.

How much is a Pro Bowl ticket 2022?

How much are Pro Bowl tickets? Pro Bowl tickets start at $72.00, with an average price of $85.00.

How much did Super Bowl tickets cost 2022?

How much is a Super Bowl ticket for 2022? Ticketmaster, the official ticket marketplace of the NFL, has listed tickets starting at $6,800.00 for the lowest ticket and reaches all the way up to $81,800.00 for VIP seats.

How much were tickets to the Rams 49ers game?

9 at SoFi Stadium. Tickets for Sunday's Rams game against the 49ers cost the most for any NFL playoff game. At an average price of $824, tickets to watch Sunday's game in Inglewood's SoFi Stadium will cost nearly $300 more than an average ticket to the Chiefs-Bengals game earlier that day in Kansas City, Mo.

How much are tickets to the Rams 49ers game?

The 49ers will host the Los Angeles Rams at Levi's® Stadium on October 3, 2022 at 5:15PM PT. Tickets are available now on Ticketmaster.
Automobiles/Motorcycles Green Lot 1, Red Lot 1, Green Lot 2$60
Buses/Oversized Vehicles – Non-Tailgate Green Bus Lot$120
3 more rows
3 Oct 2022

Who has the NFL Sunday ticket in 2022?

There are three main ways to sign up for NFL SUNDAY TICKET this season: Existing DIRECTV subscribers can call or order online to get NFL SUNDAY TICKET or NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. New DIRECTV subscribers can sign up for DIRECTV CHOICE or above and receive NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX for the 2022 season at no extra cost.

How much is a beer at Super Bowl 2022?

We now know what that looks like for the fans at SoFi Stadium. Beer ranges from $17 for premium to $19 for craft selections, while wine goes for $17 as well. For liquor selections, $14 single shot is the cheapest option on the menu, while the most expensive double goes for $25.

Who pays for the halftime show at the Super Bowl?

"The NFL covers all costs associated with the show," McCarthy confirms, including production and travel expenses. For a "million-dollar-a-minute" performance that typically lasts around 13 minutes, that price adds up quickly.

What is the cheapest seat at the Super Bowl?

Least expensive Super Bowl LVI tickets
  • Vivid Seats Super Bowl tickets, starting at $4,435.
  • Ticketmaster Super Bowl tickets, starting at $4,500.
  • StubHub Super Bowl tickets, starting at $4,650.
  • Ticketmaster Super Bowl tickets.
  • StubHub Super Bowl tickets.
  • 2022 Super Bowl game watch party tailgate, $395 (plus fees)
9 Feb 2022

How much are nosebleed seats at the Super Bowl 2022?

But that's just an average of that ticket to the big game. Ticketmaster currently has nosebleeds starting around $5,100 a pop, plus any and all processing and “convenience” fees. Seatgeek is offering seats for about the same rate. Suites start around $540,000 and go as high as $1.3 million.

What's the average price of a Super Bowl ticket?

StubHub says the get-in price Sunday was $3,800, a jump of 10% from Saturday, and the average price for tickets sold was $6,136.

What does a Pro Bowl ticket include?

This year, tickets will also allow fans special benefits on gameday including access to the Pro Bowl Red Carpet and other family friendly activities. Starting at 12:00 PM PT, the 2022 Pro Bowl will be televised on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and simulcast on ABC.

How much is a hot dog at the Super Bowl?

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Bottled water$6
Frito-Lay snacks$5
Hot dog$5
27 more rows
13 Feb 2022

How much does the halftime show cost?

This was on top of the estimated US$10 million the NFL is believed to allow for a halftime show budget.

Do NFL players get free Super Bowl tickets?

With the 1.2% allotted to each team, every player, as well as everyone on each team's coaching staff, gets two free tickets. Then, players have the opportunity to buy 13 more at face value. Next, the host stadium's team gets about 10% of the overall allotment.

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