Which Monk episode is the best? (2024)

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What was Tony Shalhoub favorite Monk episode?

Shalhoub elected the episode among his favorites twice; he put it along with "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine" and "Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike" during the Monk Cast Favorites Marathon, and mentioned "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies", "Mr.

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Which season of Monk was the best?

The final entry of the show finishes as the highest-rated season. The final season brought with it numerous storylines and moments that fans enjoyed, including the return of Sharona Fleming in "Mr. Monk and Sharona."

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What is the scariest episode in Monk?

Monk And The Garbage Strike" In Season 5, Episode 2 of the series, Adrian Monk faces his worst nightmare: a city that's absolutely piling up with trash. The infamous germaphobe, (it's a symptom of his obsessive-compulsive disorder), is forced to endure a sanitation strike in San Francisco.

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Why did they change the actress who played Trudy Monk?

Trudy was portrayed by Croatian Canadian actress Stellina Rusich throughout Season 1 and Season 2 but was ultimately replaced after the show switched shooting to Los Angeles by American actress Melora Hardin.

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What is the funniest Monk episode?

Monk And The Garbage Strike - 8.8. Adrian Monk is a germophobe, so it goes without saying that a city wide garbage strike across all of San Francisco would cause him to go more than a little batty. The hilarious classic "Mr.

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Did the actors on Monk get along?

The bond between Howard and Shalhoub grew strong over the next five seasons, just as Shalhoub had bonded with Schram in her three seasons on the show. “It'll be weird not to work with Tony a lot,” Howard said. “He's such a lovely man. And I adore him.”

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What disorder does Monk suffer from?

He is a renowned former homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department. Monk has obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) and multiple phobias, all of which intensified after the murder of his wife Trudy, resulting in his suspension from the department.

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Why did Monk get Cancelled?

Though they maintain that they want to end Monk while the show is still on top creatively, the reason for the cancellation comes down to dollars and cents. As the seasons have progressed, production costs have increased and the network likely finds it hard to justify episodes' high pricetags.

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Was Trudy cheating on Monk?

Monk discovers a videotape recording made by Trudy before her death, where she confesses to having had an affair with Rickover when he had been a law professor at Berkeley. The affair resulted in a child, which only lived for a few minutes.

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Was Natalie pregnant while filming Monk?

Traylor Howard (Natalie) really was pregnant during production. Thus, in every scene in which she appears, her stomach is concealed behind something, whether it be a car, a table, or a coat. The only exception is when Natalie "pretends" to be pregnant; then her stomach becomes completely visible.

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Did Snoop Dog ever appear on Monk?

Snoop Dogg is a rapper who guest starred as Murderuss (also a rapper) in Mr. Monk and the Rapper. He performed a special rap version of the show's theme tune for the episode.

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What was Monks 100 episode?

Monk's hundredth case, involving a serial killer, is covered by a TV news magazine, but while watching it he realizes that a second unknown killer was responsible for one of the murders.

Which Monk episode is the best? (2024)
Did Monk ever solve Trudy's death?

Monk exposed Rickover as a killer and the villain committed suicide rather than face the consequences. With that, Monk finally solved the mystery of his wife's death.

Why did they change Dale the Whale in Monk?

Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck, Monk's recurring Arch-Enemy, is played by a different actor in each of his appearances because the role is too large for one guy to carry. He's played by Adam Arkin in "Mr.

Why did monks first assistant leave the show?

Bitty Schram has finalized a deal to reprise her role as sidekick to Tony Shalhoub's obsessive-compulsive detective during Monk's eighth and final season, sources confirm to me exclusively. Schram left Monk midway through the show's third season reportedly due to a contract dispute.

Does the last episode of Psych reference Monk?

In the final episode, "The Break-Up", Chief Vick and Juilet mentioned that they can't hire Psych as a consulting team, because they already have a guy, and he is "alphabetizing the pantry as we speak". This is a reference to the television show Monk (2002), which was set in San Francisco, California.

What is Mr Monk scared of?

Monk's irrational fears in order of severity from most to least are as follows: dentists, germs, needles, milk, death, snakes, mushrooms, heights, crowds, elevators. In the first episode with Traylor Howard, Monk also states that he has a phobia of birth.

Was Trudy pregnant on Monk?

It turns out that Trudy had an affair with her college law professor some 27 years ago, before she and Monk met. She was young, didn't know that the professor was married, and became pregnant. She gave birth to a girl but the baby died nine minutes later.

Who replaced Natalie on Monk?

Traylor Elizabeth Howard is an American actress. Her roles include Sharon Carter on the television series Two Guys and a Girl, and Natalie Teeger on the USA Network series Monk.
Traylor Howard
5 more rows

Did they change Benjy in Monk?

Kane Ritchotte returned as Benjy Fleming. He portrayed the character in the pilot episode, but Max Morrow was given the role for the remainder of season one. Ritchotte took over for the remainder of the series.

Why did the first psychiatrist leave Monk?

(This was because actor Stanley Kamel died of a heart attack.)

Why is Monk afraid of milk?

The fear possibly originated when Monk was locked in a locker at school as a child. In Mr. Monk and the Magician, it is implied that this fear had been heightened after being buried by Steve Connoly in Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure.

Why doesn t Monk wear a tie?

Post trauma: no necktie, conspicuously fastened top button. A couple of years ago, costume designer Ileane Meltzer explained Monk's signature look: “Ties carry a million germs. People don't clean their ties.

Why does Monk touch things with his finger?

Adrian Monk, for those not in the know, is a warm and brokenhearted detective who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a mental illness with specific traits that Shalhoub says are not all that hard for him to identify with.

Do Randy and Sharona get together?

At the very end of the episode, it is revealed that they have gotten together officially, as Randy is Sharona's ride to the airport.

Who did Monk end up with?

Trudy Monk was Adrian Monk's wife. After meeting Adrian in university, the two fell in love and later married.

Who was the man with 6 fingers in Monk?

Frank Nunn (also known as "the six-fingered man") was a career criminal and hitman who was hired by Ethan Rickover to assassinate Trudy Monk.

Why did Trudy say bread and butter?

Adrian Monk: Whenever Trudy and I were walking somewhere, we would hold hands, and if there was a lamp post or somebody walked between us and we had to let go for a second, she'd always say 'bread and butter'. Adrian Monk: Yeah, I think it was a message for me.

Who was the father of Trudy's daughter on Monk?

Molly Evans is the daughter of Judge Ethan Rickover and Trudy Monk and the step-daughter of Adrian Monk.

Does Natalie wear Louboutins in Monk?

Natalie regularly complains about the salary she makes and is often strapped for cash, however, throughout the series she is seen wearing multiple pairs of Louboutin shoes which would cost at least $550 a pair.

Does Natalie ever call Monk Adrian?

She is noticeably more laidback and patient with Monk than Sharona was, though not afraid to call him out when she feels he's being unfair or unreasonable. She's also slightly more formal with Monk than Sharona was, as she calls him "Mr. Monk" while Sharona called him "Adrian."

Did Natalie go to Harvard?

From 1999 to 2003, Portman attended Harvard University, graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She reduced her number of acting roles, but continued to act in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (2002, 2005) and in The Public Theater's 2001 revival of Anton Chekhov's play The Seagull.

Why did Monk stop drinking Sierra Springs?

Sierra Springs wasn't mentioned again until the beginning of season six, where Marci Maven explained that Monk's new favorite brand of water was Summit Creek. The change in brands was supposedly due to a contract termination between Sierra Springs and USA Network.

What water does Monk drink?

Monk's favorite bottled water, Sierra Springs, is a recurring talking point throughout the first 5 seasons, until this episode when Marci confirms Monk has switched to Summit Creek. This episode features Marci Maven. In the previous Marci episode (Monk: Mr. Monk and the T.V.

What should I watch after Monk?

9 Shows Like Monk You Can Watch if You Miss Monk
  • House.
  • Bones.
  • Perry Mason.
  • Veronica Mars.
  • Psych.
  • Stumptown.
  • Elementary.
  • BrainDead.
Apr 12, 2022

What was on page 73 in Monk?

Page 73 of Christine's book. One of the men Christine admits to having slept with is Bob Denver.

What episode does Monk get drunk?

Watch Monk Season 4, Episode 5: Mr. Monk Gets Drunk | Peaco*ck.

What episode does Monk lose memory?

Monk Bumps His Head. After a vicious truck stop attack, Monk awakens with amnesia in a desert hamlet, married to a domineering loon, and suspicious of the circ*mstances surrounding the hasty departure of a waitr... Read all.

What mental condition did Monk have?

Adrian Monk, for those not in the know, is a warm and brokenhearted detective who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a mental illness with specific traits that Shalhoub says are not all that hard for him to identify with.

What episodes of Monk was Tony Shalhoub's wife in?

In total, Adams appears on Monk in five episodes, playing a wealthy mother to a suspicious character in "Mr. Monk and the Kid," a sheriff in "Mr. Monk Visits a Farm," and the flight attendant again in "Mr. Monk's 100th Case."

Does Monk ever get better?

Over the course of the show (roughly 8 years), Monk overcomes many of his phobias and some aspects of his OCD. Though he has not been cured of many of them, if any at all, he has been able to put them in the back of his mind when involved in case work.

Is Linda the killer in Monk?

Linda turned heel and murdered her former partner, and she was later arrested, leaving Stottlemeyer to wonder if the relationship was real or merely something she'd planned from the beginning.

Why did they change actors for Dale the Whale on Monk?

Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck, Monk's recurring Arch-Enemy, is played by a different actor in each of his appearances because the role is too large for one guy to carry. He's played by Adam Arkin in "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale," by Tim Curry in "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail," and by Ray Porter in "Mr.

Is Trudy still alive in Monk?

At the time, Monk was a San Francisco police detective with a mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. After Trudy's death, his increased phobias forced him into a psychiatric leave from the department but his skills made him a valuable consultant and freelance crime-solver.

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