Who is Chelsea's main rival? (2024)

Who is Chelsea's main rivals?

Chelsea F.C.–Tottenham Hotspur F.C. rivalry – is a rivalry dating back to their first meeting in 1909, between West London Chelsea and North London Tottenham Hotspur. They've played each other just over 160 times.

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Who beaten Chelsea the most?

The side has lost more league games to Liverpool than to any other club, having been defeated by them 70 times in 156 encounters.

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Who is Liverpool biggest rival?

Despite this, Liverpool versus Manchester United is widely thought to be one of the biggest and most famous rivalries in football history. Read on here to find out why. During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, Manchester and Liverpool were both thriving in the North West of England.

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Who is Man United biggest rival?

Liverpool lead in terms of total trophies won, 67 to 66, following their win in the 2022 FA Community Shield. Manchester United lead in the head-to-head record between the two teams, with 83 wins to Liverpool's 70; the remaining 58 matches have finished as draws.

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Is Arsenal a Chelsea rival?

Overall, Arsenal have won more games in the rivalry's history, having won 81 times to Chelsea's 66, with 59 draws (as of 6 November 2022). Arsenal's record win was a 5–1 victory in a First Division match at Stamford Bridge on 29 November 1930.

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Who is the biggest rival in soccer?

The 20 biggest football derbies
TeamsDerby nicknamFirst meet
1. Barcelona vs Real MadridEl Clásico1902
2. Celtic F.C. vs Rangers F.C.The Old Firm Derby1888
3. Boca Juniors vs River PlateThe Superclásico1913
4. AC Milan vs Inter MilanDerby della Madonnina (Milan Derby)1909
16 more rows
Sep 7, 2022

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Who is Arsenal's biggest rival?

Arsenal's rivalry with Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United is widely regarded as the fiercest and most competitive in Premier League history, while his battles with Jose Mourinho were always box office.

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Who is UK's biggest rival?

What are the 5 biggest rivalries for the England team?
  • England vs. Germany. One that has been brewing for almost an entire century, the rivalry between England and Germany is almost legendary. ...
  • England vs. Scotland. ...
  • England vs. Argentina. ...
  • England vs. Croatia. ...
  • England vs. France.
Jun 29, 2021

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Is Arsenal Chelsea's biggest rival?

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are usually considered the main rivals of Chelsea in the Premier League. All three London teams usually challenge for many top honors and have a long history of memorable derbies.

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Who is Mega Man's rival?

Bass is Mega Man's bitter rival, despite the latter's protests, and the two clash often. Bass is determined to defeat Mega Man and prove that he is the strongest robot, though Mega Man does not wish to fight Bass and does not consider the two enemies, instead wishing they could be friends.

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Is Chelsea a rival of Liverpool?

Liverpool's biggest rivals are Manchester United, Everton, and Chelsea. Liverpool is one of English soccer's oldest teams, and over the years they have accumulated a number of rivalries.

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Who is Tottenham biggest rival?

The North London derby is the meeting of the association football clubs Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both of which are based in North London, England. Fans of both clubs consider the other to be their main rivals, and the derby is considered by many to be one of the fiercest derbies in the world.

Who is Chelsea's main rival? (2024)
Who is the biggest club in London?

But an Arsenal fan said: "Lol so many pressed Chelsea fans. London has more Arsenal fans it's a fact. Chelsea has more international fans i.e US. But Arsenal IS the club with the largest London fanbase.

What is the biggest rivalry in the Premier League?

The Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry tops this list.
  • They are the Premier League's most successful and most globally supported clubs by some distance. ...
  • It all started 200 years ago when the Merchants of Manchester built a canal to bypass the steep tax at Liverpool's ports.
Sep 22, 2022

Who is America's rival soccer?

A sports rivalry exists between the national soccer teams of Mexico and the United States, widely considered the two major powers of CONCACAF. The first match was played in 1934, and the teams have met 74 times, with Mexico leading the overall series 36–16–22 (W–D–L).

Who is Paris rival in soccer?

Le Classique (French pronunciation: ​[lə klasik], The Classic) is the rivalry between French professional football clubs Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille.

Who are Liverpool's rivals?

Liverpool is one of the most valuable and widely supported clubs in the world. The club has long-standing rivalries with Manchester United and Everton.

Who is Bayern Munich biggest rivals?

The club has traditional local rivalries with 1860 Munich and 1. FC Nürnberg, as well as with Borussia Dortmund since the mid-1990s.

Who are Titan rivals?

The Texans–Titans rivalry is an intense rivalry, pitting the Tennessee Titans (formerly based in Houston as the Houston Oilers) with Houston's present-day team, the Texans.

Who is the NY Rangers biggest rival?

The Devils and Rangers are two of the three teams that play in the New York City metropolitan area, the other being the New York Islanders. All three teams have fierce, bitter rivalries with each other, as well as with the other (now formerly) Atlantic Division teams, the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who is England's old enemy?

Scotland are England's oldest rivals too and games between the two continue to stir passions, with the Scots among the Three Lions' three main rivals, alongside Germany and Argentina.

Who are Kentucky rivals?

The Kentucky–Louisville rivalry refers to the rivalry between the University of Kentucky Wildcats (Kentucky) and the University of Louisville Cardinals (Louisville). The Kentucky–Louisville rivalry is one of the most passionate rivalries, especially in men's college basketball.

Are Manchester United and Chelsea rivals?

It all makes for a great rivalry, even if it's not a deep-rooted one. Many United fans will say Liverpool, Manchester City, even Leeds United, come ahead of any London club in their pecking order of rival clubs. And the Chelsea faithful are probably more occupied by their bitter rivalry with Tottenham.

Who is Mega Man's girlfriend?

Roll (Japanese: ロール, Hepburn: Rooru) is a fictional gynoid in the Mega Man video game series and its spin-offs.

Who is Ken Masters rival?

Ken and Ryu's rivalry intro in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Ryu vs. Ken Masters: These two were trained by their master Gouken in the same martial art, though both have developed it in their own unique way. As best friends, they like to constantly test each other in a fight.

Is Mega Man a boy?

Mega Man's fictional universe can be divided into seven categories, each featuring different variations and incarnations of a robot boy hero.

Who is the Ravens biggest rival?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the biggest rival of the Baltimore Ravens. The Steelers and Ravens rivalry is known as one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. The two teams have played a total of 58 times as of 2022, and the Steelers are 33-25 in those meetings.

Who is Miami Dolphins biggest rival?

The Bills–Dolphins rivalry is a National Football League (NFL) rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins.
Bills–Dolphins rivalry.
First meetingSeptember 18, 1966 Bills 58, Dolphins 24
Latest meetingJanuary 15, 2023 Bills 34, Dolphins 31
Next meeting2023
Meetings total119 meetings
9 more rows

Who are 49ers rivals?

The 49ers–Rams rivalry is a rivalry between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL). The rivalry began in 1950 and became one of the most intense in the NFL in the 1970s as the two California based teams regularly competed for the NFC West Division title.

What is the biggest rivalry in history?

9 Major Rivalries That Resulted in Major Achievements
  • Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs. ...
  • John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney. ...
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini vs. Enzo Ferrari. ...
  • United States vs. Soviet Union. ...
  • James Hunt vs. Niki Lauda. ...
  • Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison. ...
  • Ernest Hemingway vs. William Faulkner. ...
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier.
Jun 30, 2015

What is the best basketball rivalry?

1. LA Lakers vs. Boston Celtics. Boston Celtics and LA Lakers are the biggest rivals in NBA history.

What is the biggest college rivalry?

Here are the top rivalries in college football:
  • Pittsburgh-West Virginia. (Photo: Michael Longo, USA TODAY Sports) ...
  • Oklahoma-Oklahoma State. (Photo: Parker Thune, 247Sports) ...
  • USC-UCLA. (Photo: Gary A. ...
  • Clemson-South Carolina. ...
  • Ole Miss-Mississippi State. ...
  • Georgia-Florida. ...
  • USC-Notre Dame. ...
  • Oklahoma-Texas.
Nov 23, 2022

Who are the biggest rivalry in the Premier League?

The Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry tops this list. They are the Premier League's most successful and most globally supported clubs by some distance.

Who are Arsenal main rivals?

There also exists a rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea. In addition, Arsenal and Manchester United developed a strong on-pitch rivalry in the late 1980s.

Who is England's biggest rival in football?

A rivalry as old as the sport itself – England vs Scotland is the oldest of all football rivalries. With the two nations famous for being at loggerheads for centuries, the passion has dominated when the sides have met on the pitch.

Is Chelsea stronger than Arsenal?

Currently Arsenal FC has a better 1vs1 performance index with 100. Chelsea has 22 goals and Arsenal FC has a total of 42 goals. Our opinion is that currently Arsenal FC would win the match.

Who are Germany's biggest rivals?

National team. The German national team also has many rivalries, including with England, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Poland. When there were two German national teams, West and East Germany, they were also rivals.

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