Who is known as father of Rajya Sabha? (2023)

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Who was the first Rajya Sabha member?

Elections were held in 1952 to elect members from various states of Independent India. Dr. S Radhakrishnan was the First Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, also the First Vice President of the Nation.

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Who is Rajya Sabha main person?

In the case of conflicting legislation, a joint sitting of the two houses can be held, where the Lok Sabha would hold a greater influence because of its larger membership. The vice president of India (currently, Jagdeep Dhankhar) is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha, who presides over its sessions.

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Who was the first lady of Rajya Sabha?

Jill Biden is the current first lady of the United States, as wife of the 46th and current president of the United States, Joe Biden.

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What is the other name for Rajya Sabha?

Legislature of the Union, which is called Parliament, consists of the President and two Houses, known as Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and House of the People (Lok Sabha).

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Who was the first father of Lok Sabha?

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar (27 November 1888 – 27 February 1956) popularly known as Dadasaheb was an independence activist, the President (from 1946 to 1947) of the Central Legislative Assembly, then Speaker of the Constituent Assembly of India, and later the first Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the ...

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Who is the first house of parliament?

Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha (House of the People) or the lower house has 543 members.

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Who is the head of Sabha?

Leader of the House in Lok Sabha (IAST: Lok Sabhā Sadana ke Netā) is the parliamentary chairperson of the party that holds a majority in the Lok Sabha and is responsible for government business in the house. The office holder is usually the prime minister if they are a member of the chamber.

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Who is speaker of Lok Sabha?

Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Incumbent Om Birla since 19 June 2019
Lok Sabha
StyleThe Hon'ble (formal) Mr. Speaker (informal)
StatusChairman and presiding officer
16 more rows

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Who is the main person of Lok Sabha?

Lok Sabha
Secretary GeneralUtpal Kumar Singh, IAS (Retd.) (Uttarakhand:1986) since 30 November 2020
Leader of the HouseNarendra Modi Prime Minister of India, BJP since 26 May 2014
Deputy Leader of the HouseRajnath Singh Defence Minister of India, BJP since 26 May 2014
Leader of the OppositionVacant since 26 May 2014
26 more rows

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Who is current first lady of India?

Kovind assumed the role of First Lady of India on 25 July 2017 after nearly 2 years of vacancy since the former first lady died in office. India's first spouses act as the official hosts of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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Who is the First Lady speaker in India?

Shanno Devi (born 1 June 1901) was an Indian politician was the first woman speaker of a State Assembly in India.

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Who was the First Lady MLA in India?

Muthulakshmi Reddy (also spelled Reddi in some British Indian sources; 30 July 1886 – 22 July 1968) was an Indian medical practitioner, social reformer and Padma Bhushan award recipient. Muthulakshmi Reddy was appointed to the Madras Legislative Council in 1926.

Who is known as father of Rajya Sabha? (2023)
What called Rajya Sabha in English?

The Rajya Sabha or Council of States is the upper house of the Parliament of India. The total number of members are 250.

Why is Rajya Sabha called the Parliament body?

The Rajya Sabha or the Council of States is called a permanent house as it is the upper house of the Indian Parliament. It is a permanent assembly and is not eligible for dissolution. Only the Lok Sabha is eligible for dissolution. In every two years, 1/3rd of the members resign and make way for new members.

Who is vice speaker of Lok Sabha?

AIADMK (1) APHLC (1) BJP (3) DMK (1) INC (7) SAD (1)
No.Name (Birth–Death)Term of office
14Kariya Munda (1936–)18 May 2014
(8)M. Thambidurai (1947–)25 May 2019
Vacant (Since 23 June 2019)
18 more rows

Who was the first chairman of Parliament?

In fact, the Chairman of the Committee of Parliament on Official Language, constituted in 1957 in accordance with Article 344 (4) of the Constitution was also the then Home Minister Shri Govind Ballabh Pant.

Who is the father of the House of Parliament?

List of Fathers of the House since 1899
NameEntered ParliamentLeft House
Kenneth Clarke19702019
Sir Peter Bottomley1975Incumbent
26 more rows

Who is the first Indian Parliament?

The First Lok Sabha was constituted on 17 April 1952 after India's first general election. The 1st Lok Sabha lasted its full tenure of five years and was dissolved on 4 April 1957. The First Session of this Lok Sabha commenced on 13 May 1952. Total Lok Sabha seats were 489 and total eligible voters were 17.3 crores.

What is the old name of Parliament?

Parliament House, New Delhi
Parliament House
Former namesHouse of Parliament
Alternative namesParliament Buildings
General information
15 more rows

What was the original name of Parliament?

The 92-year-old Parliament house is also known as Sansad Bhavan. It is home to the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

What is the oldest Parliament?

The Althing (Icelandic: Alþingi) is the national parliament of Iceland. It is the oldest legislature in the world that still exists. It was founded in 930 at Thingvellir (the "assembly fields"), which is almost 45 kilometres (28 mi) east of Iceland's capital, Reykjavík.

Who is the vice president of India now 2022?

On 17 July 2022, Margaret Alva was announced as the vice-presidential candidate by the United Progressive Alliance and some non-UPA Parties. Hence, Jagdeep Dhankhar won the election with 528 votes defeating the United Opposition candidate Margaret Alva.

Who is the speaker of Lok Sabha 2022 Name?

Lok Sabha Speaker, Shri Om Birla addressed the valedictory function of the 3rd edition of National Youth Parliament Festival -2022 today in the Central Hall of Parliament, New Delhi today.

Who is the present deputy chairman?

Deputy Chairperson of the Rajya Sabha
Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Flag of India
Incumbent Harivansh Narayan Singh since 11 August 2022
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofRajya Sabha
10 more rows

Who is beautiful lady of India?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

She won the Miss World pageant in 1994 and ever since then, she has established herself as one of the most influential and celebrated actresses of India. She has often been regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world!

Who is the famous Indian lady?

The first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi is truly the most popular public figure across the country. She remains the most popular woman of India, a true pioneer and nuanced politician who led our country through daunting times like the Emergency of 1975 and the Bangladesh War of 1971.

Who is the first education minister of India?

National Education Day (India) an annual observance in India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first education minister of independent India, who served from 15 August 1947 until 2 February 1958.

Who was the first woman Lok Sabha?

Meira Kumar
Personal details
Born31 March 1945 Darbhanga, Bihar, British India (present day Darbhanga, Bihar, India)
Political partyIndian National Congress
Other political affiliationsUnited Progressive Alliance
37 more rows

Who was the first speaker of MP?

List of Speakers
Sl. No.NameTenure
1Kunji Lal Dubey2 July 1957
27 March 1962
2Kashi Prasad Pandey24 March 1967
3Tejlal Tambhare Harishchandra25 March 1972
14 more rows

Who is the first vice speaker of India?

He was elected in 1952 as the first Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha with Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar as the Speaker. After the death of Mavalankar in 1956, he was elected as Speaker of Lok Sabha. Dowry prohibition act 1961 was passed by joint session of parliament with M. A. Ayyangar as speaker.

Who is first woman CM?

The first female to become chief minister was Sucheta Kripalani of the Indian National Congress party, who sworn in on 2 October 1963 as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Who was the first lady governor?

Sarojini Naidu was the first woman to become the governor of an Indian state. She governed Uttar Pradesh from 15 August 1947 to 2 March 1949. Her daughter, Padmaja Naidu, is the longest-serving female governor with almost 11 years tenure in West Bengal.

Who was the first woman chairman?

Pratibha Devisingh Patil (born 19 December 1934) is an Indian politician and lawyer who served as the 12th president of India spanning from 2007 to 2012. She is the first woman to become the president of India.
Positions held.
1986–1988Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha
12 more rows

What is the English name of Parliament?

List of Countries and their Parliament
Countries & Their Parliament's Names
CountriesParliament of different Countries
FranceNational Assembly
GermanyBundestag (Lower House) & Bundesrat (Upper House)
Great BritainParliament
91 more rows

What is the time of zero hour?

Midnight, or 00:00.

Why is it called upper house?

An upper house is one of two chambers of a bicameral legislature, the other chamber being the lower house. The house formally designated as the upper house is usually smaller and often has more restricted power than the lower house.

Why Lok Sabha is known as the first house?

Lok Sabha is the House of Representatives directly elected by the people. Hence, the LokSabha is called the Firsthouse. Was this answer helpful?

Who is the current speaker of government?

The current speaker is Alban Kingsford Sumana Bagbin. He was elected on 7 January 2021.

Who is the longest speaker of Lok Sabha?

Detailed Solution
  • The Longest-serving Speaker of Lok Sabha is Balram Jakhar. Balram Jakhar was an Indian politician, parliamentarian and Governor of Madhya Pradesh. He was elected to the seventh Lok Sabha from Ferozepur in 1980. Re-elected to the eighth Lok Sabha from Sikar in 1984. ...
  • Hence, option 3 is correct.
29 Sept 2022

Who is the first member of Lok Sabha?

Lok Sabha officers
01SpeakerM.A. Ayyangar
02Deputy SpeakerM. A. Ayyangar Sardar Hukam Singh
03Secretary-GeneralM. N. Kaul
04Leader of the HouseJawaharlal Nehru
2 more rows

Who is the first woman MP in India?

Annie Mascarene (6 June 1902 – 19 July 1963) was an Indian independence activist, politician and lawyer from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala who served as a Member of the Parliament of India and was the first woman to do so.

Who was the first opponent Leader of Rajya Sabha?

List of leaders of the opposition in Rajya Sabha
1Shyam Nandan Prasad Mishra18 December 1969
2M. S. Gurupadaswamy24 March 1971
Vacant2 April 1972
3Kamalapati Tripathi30 March 1977
16 more rows

Who is the first Lok Sabha minister?

Jawaharlal Nehru took charge as the first Prime Minister of India on 15 August 1947, and chose 15 other members for his cabinet. Vallabhbhai Patel served as the first Deputy Prime Minister until his death on 15 December 1950.

Who is the first woman Speaker?

Meira Kumar was born on 31 March 1945, in Darbhanga district, Bihar of the British India (present day Bihar, India) to Jagjivan Ram, an Oppressed leader and former Deputy Prime Minister and Indrani Devi, a prominent leader of the Indian freedom struggle.

Who is the speaker of Lok Sabha?

Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Incumbent Om Birla since 19 June 2019
Lok Sabha
StyleThe Hon'ble (formal) Mr. Speaker (informal)
StatusChairman and presiding officer
16 more rows

Who was the first lady MLA in India?

Muthulakshmi Reddy (also spelled Reddi in some British Indian sources; 30 July 1886 – 22 July 1968) was an Indian medical practitioner, social reformer and Padma Bhushan award recipient. Muthulakshmi Reddy was appointed to the Madras Legislative Council in 1926.

Who is India's youngest MP?

Chandrani Murmu is currently the youngest Indian Member of Parliament. Murmu won against BJP's Ananta Nayak, who has previously won twice, by a margin of 66,203 votes.

What was the old name of MP?

In 1956, the states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were merged into Madhya Pradesh, and the Marathi-speaking southern region Vidarbha, which included Nagpur, was ceded to Bombay state.

Who is the first Rajya Sabha deputy chairman?

List of Deputy Chairpersons of the Rajya Sabha
No.Deputy ChairmanTerm
1S. V. Krishnamoorthy Rao31 May 1952
25 April 1956
2Violet Alva19 April 1962
18 more rows

Who is Rajya Sabha Secretary General?

Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha
State Emblem of India
Flag of India
Incumbent Pramod Chandra Mody since 12 November 2021
AppointerChairman of Rajya Sabha (Vice President of India)
3 more rows

What is the Article 81 of Indian Constitution?

Article 81 of the Indian Constitution defines the makeup of the House of The people, Lok Sabha. The House of Representatives shall have no more over 550 members elected, with little than 20 from Territories.

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