Who is the white haired man in Revenge? (2024)

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Who does Nolan marry in Revenge?

Nolan Ross is married…to a woman! Yes, you heard – and saw – right and if you watched last night's Revenge episode you know that Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), who we've seen play on both sides of the sexuality fence in the past four seasons of the soap, tied the knot with Southern wacko Louise Elliot (Elena Satine).

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Does Daniel cheat on Emily?

In season 3, Daniel became darker than ever before. he cheated on Emily with Sara and later shot Emily when he learned she had manipulated him.

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Who was Gordon on Revenge?

James Morrison: Gordon Murphy.

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Who kills Tyler in Revenge?

It is revealed that Satoshi Takeda is the one who killed Tyler and framed Daniel in order to help Emily's master plan.

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Did Amanda get Victoria's heart?

That ending entailed Amanda sailing off into the sunset with her childhood love Jack, but with a twist: She is forever haunted by a dream that the life-saving heart transplant she received was from Victoria Grayson herself; a decision made by Amanda's half-sister Charlotte (Christa B. Allen).

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Who is the father of Emily's baby in Revenge?

Emily Porter
Biographical Information
Significant Others:Jack Porter (widower)
Children:Carl David Porter (son)
Parents:Unnamed biological parents † David Clarke (foster father) Carl Porter (father-in-law) Stevie Grayson (mother-in-law)
20 more rows

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Does David ever find out Emily is his daughter?

David found out that Emily was really Amanda after he saw her double infinity tattoo after she confronted him about why he never came for her and left her in foster care after he escaped from prison. They are reconnecting as father and daughter after all these years apart.

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Why do Emily and Daniel get divorced?

Upon receiving information from Victoria Grayson that his life and those of the people he cares for are in danger from the Americon Initiative Daniel rings Emily Thorne and ends their relationship for her safety (although he tells her its simply due to him being too busy as CEO to have time for her).

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Who shoots Amanda revenge?

Jack visited Emily and gave her the locket Amanda had died getting. Emily's memories then came back and she told Jack that Daniel was the one who shot her.

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What happens to the white haired man on Revenge?

Gordon Murphy (previously known to fans as the "White-Haired Man") was the assassin who was thought to have killed David Clarke for the Americon Initiative. It was later revealed that Gordon's attempt murder David failed and he survived.

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Who tampered with the brakes in Revenge?

Aiden tells Emily that the actual brake breaker is Patrick. Victoria was able to con Charlotte into taking the fall because she knew she would want to protect Jack. Emily apologizes to Aiden for how she's treated him. The two of them share a passionate kiss.

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Who kills Victoria on Revenge?

David Clarke

Who is the white haired man in Revenge? (2024)
Why does Emily go to jail in Revenge?

'Revenge': Emily Arrested For Victoria's Murder — Season 4 Episode 21 Recap | TVLine.

Does Charlotte have a baby in Revenge?

Next summer they started dating again and Charlotte got pregnant, but Declan died shortly after discovering it and Charlotte lost her baby after finding out that her boyfriend was dead.

Why did Mason go to jail in Revenge?

Originally an accomplice in the frame-up of David Clarke, he went to prison after a deal with Emily Thorne, wherein he will spend his time in prison writing the true story of the Clarke family. Later, Emily broke Mason out of prison and sent him away, so Mason would stay quiet about Emily's identity.

What episode does David realize Emily is Amanda?

'Revenge': David Learns Emily's Secret — Season 4 Episode 7 Recap | TVLine.

What happens to Jack and amandas baby?

Due to the nature of his birth Carl was placed into an incubator. Eventually both Carl and his mother were released from the hospital and lived at the Stowaway with his father Jack, while his uncle Declan lived onboard The Amanda to vacate a room for baby Carl.

Did Victoria sleep with her father in Revenge?

She didn't sleep with her father; she was abused by him. People so believe in Victoria's wickedness that they would actually think she'd be a willing participant when a guy comes into her bedroom and abuses her, which happens to women all over the world.

Does Jack ever find out Emily is Amanda?

In the season 2 finale, "Truth, Part 2", he finds out Emily's real identity not long after his brother dies.

What happens to baby Carl on revenge?

After an argument with Declan, Carl collapses and dies from a heart attack.

Who does Daniel end up with in revenge?

Daniel and Emily marry in episode 10 of season 3.

Does Charlotte forgive Emily?

In the series finale, Charlotte is seen with Emily at David's grave after he passes away. The two leave flowers. Charlotte is last seen at Jack and Emily's wedding. She is Emily's maid of honor, finally having accepted her sister and forgiven Emily for all of the lies.

What episode does Emily realize David is alive?

'Revenge': Emily Sees David Clarke — Season 4 Episode 4 Recap | TVLine.

Is Jack the father of Emily's baby?

Amanda awakens from her coma and Emily decides to tell her that Jack really is the biological father of their child, Carl.

Is Emily infertile Revenge?

Emily becomes sterile as a result of these wounds, but stays in the marriage through blackmail for a little longer. After Daniel learns Emily's real identity, they become cordially, if not exactly friendly. Daniel finally understands why she used him, although he still resents her.

Why is Emily having blackouts?

From here Emily looked deep and found the one reason causing her blackouts: her Father's fault. She sees the two nights before he was arrested; Emily caught Victoria and David sleeping together and when David carved the infinite symbol on their porch, which was destroyed by Emily (due to her blackouts).

What happens to Amanda on Revenge?

The Amanda sinks in Sacrifice, when Nate Ryan attempts to kill Jack and Amanda. Amanda and Nate die in the events of the sinking of the boat, Nate dying due to the boat sinking and Amanda dying from an explosion and Jack is placed in critical condition after being shot by Nate.

Why did Aiden betray Emily?

Initially, Aiden and Emily bond over the fact that they are both seeking to avenge someone. However, after Aiden kills Trask, who had killed his sister, and was left without the peace of mind he thought he would feel, he begins to make plans for getting Emily off of her path to vengeance.

Is Emily in Revenge a sociopath?

Emily VanCamp has admitted that her Revenge character Emily has some "sociopathic" qualities. Speaking to Digital Spy at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, VanCamp explained that she loves the way the show's characters have "so many different levels". "Yes, she's a sociopath," she said.

What happens to Emily at the end of Revenge?

Instead, it was David who eventually perished from cancer after a judge granted him leniency for killing Victoria and let him spend his final days at home with his daughter. Emily got her happy ending by marrying Jack, while Nolan (Gabriel Mann) took up the mantle of righting other people's wrongs.

Is Aiden's sister alive in Revenge?

With Nolan's help, Aiden and Emily later find Colleen's autopsy photo and her grave, proving her death.

Who is the villain in Revenge?

Victoria Harper (formerly; Victoria Grayson) is the main antagonist of ABC series Revenge.

Does Nolan Ross get NolCorp back?

Later in the season Victoria gives NolCorp back to Nolan if he helps her find her son.

Why did they change Takeda Revenge?

Throughout season 1, Takeda was portrayed by Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada, who was replaced by Japanese-American actor Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa during season 2 due to scheduling conflicts (he was cast as an antagonist in The Wolverine).

What happens to the Graysons in Revenge?

As of "Two Graves", all members of the Grayson Family are dead; technically, Charlotte is not a Grayson by blood, as she is David Clarke's daughter.

How much are the Graysons worth in Revenge?

Victoria Grayson (previously Harper), considered by many as "the Queen of The Hamptons", with a net worth of $16.8 billion, is the glamorous but powerful matriarch of the Grayson family who will stop at nothing to protect her social status and ensure that her children live up to their fullest potential.

Does David find out the truth about Victoria?

When he finally learns the truth about Amanda and that Victoria lied to him about it he begins plotting her death. Victoria eventually confeses to David that she betrayed him and begs for forgiveness but is interrupted by the sound of gunshots at Grayson Manor (Amanda Clarke's residence).

What happens to Victoria's son Patrick in revenge?

She decided to leave Patrick with the nun that helped her, asking her to promise to find Patrick the best possible home for him and to never tell him about his mother. Victoria also made her promise to never tell Victoria what becomes of him. Patrick was adopted by Ed and Barbara Osbourne.

Does Victoria know Emily is Amanda?

Throughout season 3 Victoria became closer to learning Emily's real identity and once learning she was Amanda Clarke she killed Emily's partner in her revenge plan and boyfriend Aiden instantly and placed his body in her Hamptons beach house.

Is Emily's dad still alive in Revenge?

Still, at the end, Emily is shown putting flowers on her father's grave (he eventually dies of cancer). The camera pans over all the characters who died on her revenge quest, from Victoria to Conrad to Daniel.

Why does Emily want to marry Daniel in Revenge?

Marrying Daniel is just part of her plan. But at least this time around, she actually has a plan. The first time she tried to marry Daniel, the reason wasn't made clear other than her simply wanting to get closer to the Grayson's to better exact her Revenge.

How does Emily get rid of Frank in Revenge?

When he told her he had figured out she had switched names with the real Amanda, she asked to meet him later, then killed him with a tire iron just as he was on the phone with Victoria to tell her what he had found out. Emily placed his wallet in Tyler Barrol's pocket, making it seem as though he killed Frank.

Who kills Charlotte in Revenge?

List of Characters Who Died in Revenge
Killed CharacterCause of DeathMurderer
Aiden Mathispoisoned and suffocated with a pillowVictoria Harper
Conrad GraysonstabbedDavid Clarke
Vince Walshfell and broke his neckCharlotte Clarke
Daniel Graysonshot in the chestKatherine Black
39 more rows

Do Jack and Declan have the same mom?

Mrs Porter is the ex-wife of Carl Porter, the mother of Declan Porter, and the legal mother of Jack Porter.

Why does Charlotte not like Emily in Revenge?

Charlotte stopped trusting Emily when she told Emily that she thought her mother was having an affair, and Emily told others as a way to manipulate people for her plans of revenge. Charlotte then did everything she could to ruin Daniel and Emily's engagement by adding Sara Munello to the equation.

What was Mason brainwashed to do?

Mason was then thrown into the infamous labor camp in Vorkuta, where he was progressively brainwashed in an attempt to turn him into a sleeper agent to carry out Dragovich's plans.

Who is Victoria's first born son in Revenge?

The ABC drama has cast Smallville star Justin Hartley as Victoria's long-lost son, TVGuide.com has confirmed. Hartley, who also starred on Emily Owens, M.D., will appear as Patrick in a multi-episode arc starting in the Season 3 premiere.

Does Conrad confess Revenge?

Conrad confides in Emily that he is paying the penalty for his sins. Conrad decides to confess In "Confession", Paul helps Conrad get to the place where he is ready to turn himself in and clear David Clarke's name.

Do Nolan and Louise stay together?

She later overhears Nolan tell Jack that the only reason he's staying with her is out of pity. Nolan finally lets Louise know that he believes it's time that they end their marriage. They both agree to move forward as friends.

Why did Nolan marry Louise?

Last week, Nolan and Louise got married so that Louise could reclaim control over her fortune. And now she has her money, she is wasting no expense on her wedding reception that's being held at Emily's home. However, because this is Revenge, there is something that threatens this party's success: Louise's mother.

Do Nolan and Emily get together?

It almost happened! Ever since Revenge came into our lives four years ago, many fans have been rooting for a hookup between Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann), her sidekick in revenge and her best friend. Unfortunately for those shippers, a Hamtpons hookup between the two never happened.

Does Nolan get a happy ending in Revenge?

Unfortunately, Nolan was unlucky in love and suffered from the loneliness that was always present in his life. However, the computer genius had a good ending, when he found his purpose in life by helping people who needed to find justice.

Who stole Emily's box in Revenge?

Emily returns home one day to find her Infinity Box missing. Tyler, who has escaped custody, reveals himself as the thief and that he has kidnapped Amanda. When Amanda turns on Emily, she enlists her mentor Satoshi Takeda for assistance at her engagement party.

Who does Daniel end up with on Revenge?

Daniel and Emily marry in episode 10 of season 3.

Who is still alive at the end of Revenge?

Instead, it was David who eventually perished from cancer after a judge granted him leniency for killing Victoria and let him spend his final days at home with his daughter. Emily got her happy ending by marrying Jack, while Nolan (Gabriel Mann) took up the mantle of righting other people's wrongs.

Does Javier betray Nolan on Revenge?

The presentation began with Pascal announcing that Margaux would get the lead on LeMarchal Media and then Javier appeared, but as he betrayed Nolan, Nolan sabotaged Javier's presentation by changing the code of the program so it would make fun of the attendants.

What happens to Ben in Revenge?

In the end, Amanda's “crazy” theory turned out to be completely true — which proved most unfortunate for Detective Ben, who was stabbed in the back of the neck (yay!!!)

Why did Charlotte leave revenge?

Charlotte is shocked when Emily tells her that Victoria killed Aiden. Charlotte decides she needs to go to rehab, and tells Daniel that Emily is Amanda before she leaves. Louise Ellis later visits Charlotte at rehab when she believes Victoria to have died.

Is Emily's dad still alive in revenge?

Still, at the end, Emily is shown putting flowers on her father's grave (he eventually dies of cancer). The camera pans over all the characters who died on her revenge quest, from Victoria to Conrad to Daniel.

Who kills Frank in Revenge?

Emily Porter

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